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aku ada idea nak buat paper, tapi point satu apa pun tak nak keluar.

kena paksa nak keluar, tapi macam mana?

tulis blog ni pun takda guna, still the same.

if only I could hear the word…


“The Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power. One legend says its wielder saved the world, while another says that he wrought chaos and ruin upon it.” — Ansem’s Report


Since strike week taking me crazy, listening to the song “Crazy” didn’t bring me anywhere good, let me share with all of you my greatest hobby.

Maybe some of you wonder, “where in the world did this guy came out with the idea ‘Eternal Session’? for his blog name?”. It’s actually the name of one of the “limit” from my favourite game (you think I am plagiarists now ha?) , the game that belong to my “hall-of-fame”-


Kingdom Hearts


Consider this game as the combination of my childhood imagination and the greatest franchise – of the world – from Square Enix (formerly known as Squaresoft). What is my childhood asset? Those guys from the Disney world! (Especially Mickey Mouse)

Okay, here how it goes, back to my first dream of having PS2.

I saw some pictures from Gempak magazine (what a memory~) of new games coming up. That time I was still playing games with the old PS-One, so my objective was to get new game for PS-One, however none of them is for the old platform. Then I saw the pictures: a guy with a key as weapon (what??) and Mickey! What an amazing game, Mickey and Squall Leonhart? I got to buy this game, no matter what. Wait, I have no PS2, what am I talking about? That was during PMR year, and it was just a week before it began.

Praise be to Allah, I did a great job for PMR, and the result – PS2 from my family. Haha.


And so it began, the best adventure I had so far with PS2 platform, and it was from KH (also MGS3 and God of War).


As a big fan of RPG genre, this particular game of Hack & Slash + RPG (so called action-RPG) at first did not make a good job to impress my heart. Suddenly I realised that it was the game I frequently played. Every single time. Maybe because FFX did not shine out just like it predecessors, and MGS2: Sons of Liberty has the Raiden guy (he looks gay though). Let me tell you the whole point of KH.


It is about 3 kids (basic principle: 2 boys + 1 girl) that want to go out from their so-called Destiny Island and see the world with their own eyes. Yet, the danger awaits them is far more than what they (or we) expect. A sudden hooded figure came out from nowhere saying “The world is connected” to the main protagonist, Sora and we were left blankly by those words.

Then in the night, a storm came and wake up Sora to go to the Destiny Island. After knowing Riku (the other “lost” protagonist) was there, then came out from nowhere (again) those tiny monster called Heartless. Tried to attack them, but nothing worked. What?? C’mon, give me the Keyblade (spoiler magazine!). Yes, then come the Keyblade, from nowhere (again). After defeating the Heartless, we went through some cut-scenes of Riku and Kairi (the girl protagonist), and the big Heartless (the boss of the stage).

Defeating the boss, we jump to the scene of Donald Duck realised “The King” was gone and he alerted the Captain of the Guard, no surprises, Goofy that they need to find “The King”. No doubt, the king is the Head of all Disney characters: Mickey Mouse. We knew this, basically from the Queen Minnie. Obvious heh?

Next we saw them in some kind of a ship known as Gummi Ship (looks a lot like Lego(TM)) and receiving orders from mechanics of the ship, Chip & Dale. Isn’t that amazing? Seeing the childhood characters is action, and able to play with them. Haha.

Then we follow where Sora was, at a place called Traverse Town, and after some tour of the place, we met the legendary icon of Square’s famous-game-yet-to-be-found, FFVIII Squall Leonhart (known as Leon in this game). Defeated him with the Keyblade, we were brought to the other characters from the same franchise: Aerith, Cid and Yuffie (of FFVII).

After some explaination about the Heartless, and random battle, Sora met the Duo (Donald and Goofy). Together they team up and win the night (Traverse Town always in the night, haha). Why Donald and Goofy team up with Sora? Because of the Keyblade, which King Mickey also had.

Strictly speaking, the mysterious persona behind the series (or story) is the Keyblade. Where does it came from? And why does it choose a person to wield it? And there is also connection between lost Riku and Kairi (which Sora try to find) with King Mickey, together they travel from world to world using the Gummi Ship.

You can find more about this story at Wikipedia.


The main point of how this game interest me is the creative work of joining the world of Disney and the traditional systems of FF series. However, after some inspection, I realised that it is because of the puzzling mysteries of the game. Not the puzzle we need to solve as we progress through the game, but the mysteries that were put by Tetsuya Nomura (TN) – the creator of the game. Yup, TN, the man behind the best selling FF series, replacing the original creator Yoshitaka Amano was the director of the series.


What is the prevailing mysteries? If you play the game carefully and inspect the dialogues, you will find some of the “what does it mean?” questions in you head. When you get to the end of the game, the question still in your head and no sign of any answers. Isn’t that annoying? After careful reading of Ansem (the antagonist) Reports, you will find some hole of the story that need to be filled. Then come the prize: finish the game with everything complete or in harder mode to unlock the “secret movie”. In the movie you’ll see something that is out of your mind! There will be a sequel! For sure!


Yes, there is – Kingdom Heart: Chain of Memories


I did not know about this sequel, because it was made for GBA platform. I don’t have GBA, and not just that it was during my SPM aftermath. Busy to get every single scholarship in the world. Just kidding.


Basically it follows the story after the final (not secret) scene at the end of the game. Sora meet a hooded guy that lead him to this Castle Oblivion. The gameplay is sucks, it is a card-base turn action. It uses card to determine what strength you’ll hit on the enemy and those similar summoning-healing action. There is always combo attack, but painful is the ass (unless you are very professional). Yet, the story line (can find at wiki) is wonderful, mysteries again, and 2 playable character for 2 different stories. Who are the characters? Sora and Riku (duh, who else?). In the end of the game, you will see other mysteries yet to come for the next sequel-


Kingdom Hearts 2


This latest installment really grabbed my heart. With better camera perspectives and controls, TN has done the best again.


We were introduced with new character – out of nowhere – similar like Sora, especially the eyes. His name is Roxas, played by Jesse McCartney. We were revealed later that Roxas is Sora’s nobody. What the hell is nobody? It is a shell of someone without a heart, or leftover of the heartless when people start to turn into a heartless. Make sense. Then we continue the adventure from where Sora left us in KH:CoM, that was after Roxas combined again with Sora (original self).

Next we were introduced to the teacher of King Mickey: Yen-Sid. The long-bearded guy from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, you know him if you know Mickey well. Also the new bad guys, not Maleficent anymore, it is called Organization XIII. Just mysteries as Akatsuki of Naruto(TM), they work in the dark try to obtain the Kingdom Hearts.

With new costume of Sora, we received a new ability called “Drive” – just like doubling up your level (trance in FFIX). Then we meet the new system called “Limit”, in other word Limit Break of FFVIII, but with combination with extra characters. This is where I got the name Eternal Session, the Limit of Sora and Riku (you can find other title of websites bearing that name, most of them are hard-fan of KH). In the limit, there are attacks with different names. The game still continue its summoning system, but this time with cute characters: Sticth and Chicken Little. What a fun game. Owh yeah, I forgot to mention that in the series we able to play with Pooh and his friends from 100 Acre Woods. Sweet~

Again, finish the game with everything complete or in “proud mode” to watch the secret ending.


Except for this time, it was no joke.


Unlike KH1, the secret ending is clueless. In the first game we able to identify that the girl was Kairi (just long hair), and Riku (if somebody can tell). For KH2, you have no idea who is in the suit of armor. The excerpt from Ansem’s Secret Reports continuously jerking your mind.

And as always, every Kingdom Hearts series have the Final Mix: a special edition – release in Japan only – that include some stages and scenes that were not in the original game. Then there it was, the complete secret ending that begin with the word Birth By Sleep. From the influence of Advent Children (AC), the battle of KH turn out to be fast paced and out of mind. You know what I mean if you watch FFVII:AC. The secret ending showed the same battle type, and emotional pain + confusion. At the final movie, we saw King Mickey, and no cuteness in his face at all. What in the world just happen?


The new Tokyo Game Show revealed the clouded mysteries. 3 new title of KH series will be out sometimes next year: Birth By Sleep (the title of the secret ending!), 358/2 Days, and coded. Platform will not be PS3 (as expected), but PSP, DS and Mobile Phone. Some speculate that the phone platform is for Japan only. Who knows exactly eh?


For Birth By Sleep, I will have to buy a PSP! For sure this time, no regret. It was revealed that the game is not sequel anymore but a prequel to the series and somehow will tell lot more infos about mysterious Keyblade, and recurring 3 characters (not Sora and the gang, FYI).

For 358/2 Days, I have no idea what the title suggest. It is build for DS, and focus more about Roxas and its daily life with Organization.

For coded, It is build for phone system. What the hell is Square Enix thinking? Phone platform for such a game? But, by the look of it on the internet, it looks fun.


Anyways, this seem to be longest post I ever write, maybe longer next time. It is so much idea and stuff to share about this particular hobby of mine. Too bad I don’t have PS2 right now, but good to keep me on my courses. Games destroyed me while I was in form 2 and 4. Make note of this hardcore gamers out there, especially students!. Yet, if you can keep and manage your time (also brain), maybe you can success, but for a limit (sure of this).


Here are some pictures of the game. All pictures belong to [Kingdom Hearts Ultimania]


sora and jiminy goofy and donald

From KH: Sora, Jiminy Cricket, Donald and Goofy


Chain of Memories, and the remakes (from Final Mix +)



The 2 famous icons: Squall of FFVIII and Cloud of FFVII


Aerith Gainsborough (see Leon’s trademark gesture?)


Prime Legend of our time: King Mickey! and new costume Sora in the back.


Incredulous gameplay (my perspective)


One of Organization member: Xigbar (you’ll dead for sure when meet him for first time).


New title of the series

358/2birth by sleep



For all of you readers, I know that most of you guys (frequent visitors of my blog) are not into this game just like me. And some of you may think I am talking shit here, but hey, this is my hobby, which make it part of my life. Get use to it.


Have a nice day.




All Disney characters belong to Walt Disney company.
All Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts characters belong to Square Enix.
Naruto belong to Masashi Kishimoto.
Lego belong to Lego Group.
All pictures and credits goes to KH Ultimania.
Kingdom Hearts Legacy, belong to all fans out there.

On Monday 8.30 am.

It was confirmed yesterday at 9.33 pm.

No classes, no assignment due, no mid-terms, lots of parties, lots of sour-scent atmosphere, lots of people talking blow-job in front of my room (wtf??), and my mission to get all the materias for my projects.

Possible worst thing could happen in the future: extended term.

People out there, help me! Pray with me so that the term will not extended, as it can cause my brain goes nut!

Last night, while I was browsing the Youtube, I encounter a video which direct me to this web site:

It is a good independent-made-for-the-web video, which recall back the conspiracy theory from the beginning of Christianity up until now by Americans.

Hope everyone enjoys it.

One more thing!

Finally, after penantian yang agak panjang, since balik dari Malaysia, aku dapat tengok trailer cerita baru Suhaimi Baba:

1957: Hati Malaya

The trailer

OST by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

I will definitely try to get this movie, I am sure this will be a great work ever from Malaysian director.

I hope…

Selamat hari raya aidilfitri


Maaf zahir dan batin




Kepada yang berada di perantauan (mostly yang bukak blog ni), jangan lah bersedih sangat ok?


Kepada yang kat Malaysia, enjoy! Tapi jangan tak ingat dunia plak~


Pagi raya tadi, mak ngan ayah dah syahdu. Aku pun turut bersyahdu. Hahaha. Kali ni sikit orang, compare last year. Maybe sebab ada salah fahaman antara mereka…

The title should be Ramadhan dah nak habis kan? Just cliche. Some people excited puasa dah nak habis (especially kids), some become very emotional because ramadhan yang lepas tak banyak buat ibadat, and have to wait for long time before next ramadhan. I am one of them, with addition tak dapat balik raya kat rumah (4 years!!!!).


Ramadhan baru ni adalah satu pembaziran yang Allah kurniakan kat aku. Mungkin ada juga manfaatnya, bila aku jadi imam untuk terawikh 8 rakaat for 3 malam, seingat aku. Aku tidak berniat bongkak dengan bercerita begini. Tapi itulah dia, aku jadi imam sebab tiada orang lain yang nak datang terawikh and yang datang pun adalah orang tua yang tidak larat segi fizikalnya. Surah yang aku boleh bawa pun adalah surah-surah lazim, bacaan tidak berapa tepat memandangkan aku tidak tajam didikan agama. Tetapi aku tetap mencuba, memohon petunjuk yang sempurna dari Illahi.


Pengalaman berpuasa di negeri orang ini selama 2 tahun telah memberikan aku serba sedikit pengalaman. Pertama, puasa ini bagaikan sekelip mata, tanpa rasa letih lesu puasa. Setiap hari masa subuh jadi lambat, dan buka puasa makin cepat. Cuaca sejuk menjadikan kita tidak berpeluh, dan sebaliknya membuat kita semakin lapar (penggunaan tenaga haba metabolisma), dan pengakhirannya tidur tidak sedar dunia. Masa yang boleh digunakan untuk membaca Al-Quran atau pun menyiapkan assignment yang betimbun macam Bukit Botak kat Selayang, hilang kerana tidur.


Kedua, salah satu tabiat aku yang susah untuk diterapkan adalah berjaga selepas subuh, dan terus ke kelas pukul 8.30 pagi. Pernah satu pagi aku cuba berbuat begitu, tetapi aku bagaikan “mati” dalam kelas Microecons dan Geology. Aku dah tak nak buat lagi dah, maka aku cuba untuk melenakan diri selama satu jam setengah sebelum kelas. Kadang-kadang itu, susah sangat nak tidur, aku cuma dapat setengah jam sahaja nikmat tidur. Maka dalam kelas Econs – yang memanglah membosankan – bagaikan berperang dengan “Sleepy Soldier” dari kayangan mana entah. Satu kelas lagi yang sukar untuk aku menyedarkan diri adalah geomorphlogy. Sampai satu tahap tu, aku jadi sakit kepala semata-mata nak memaksa mata tu terbuka, telinga tu dengar dan kepala itu faham.


Bila raya ni? Malaysia sambut sabtu, Canada or ISNA tetapkan bila? Kat sini orang-orang yang senior dan sepatutnya announce dekat student lain diam jer. Assume sabtu jer lah, 29 days puasa. Raya hari sabtu ni bagus, takda kelas lepas sembahyang raya. Orang kat sini macam tak kisah jer semangat raya, ada tuh lagi tak kisah. Solat sunat Raya tu penting gak lar. Ni lah dia, time perasaan raya kat rumah tu datang…


Kuih raya dalam balang, ketupat, lontong, lemang, rendang, langsir baru, susunan meja kerusi dalam rumah lain, muka happy+sedih mak, ayah, kaklong, kakngah, abanglong, budak-budak kecik, pakcik makcik, sepupu sepapat, kawan-kawan, salam sana, salam sini, pergi sana, pergi sini, bunga raya, mercun, warna-warni baju raya, rancangan tivi raya 24 jam, dan DUIT RAYA. Dah dekat 4 tahun tak dapat duit raya. Bila lagi heh?


Aidil Fitri tahun ni dah tak sama lagi di Malaysia. Arwah nenek tiada lagi sebagai penghias hari gembira ini. Al-Fatihah kepada Hajjah Hasmah, nenda ku yang tercinta, semoga rohnya bersama dengan ahli syurga yang lain…