Monthly Archives: December 2007

Will be away for a while.

Doakan aku safe journey, takda hal, takda masalah.

Orait, wasalam.


Finally, it begins: the winter break.

After long months and weeks struggling, I manage to live until the end of semester. Toughest battle (a person called it) was the last paper, History of Life (aka Paleo-biology). The last paper cause me to get dizzy with readings, memorizing (after 100 minerals failed attempts), I barely turn over every pages of slides: I just stared at them without a clue wth am I doing.

I was the last one that left the place. A powerful burden was lifted soon after I stepped out from the room. The sky was with me again. It was the happiness that can be achieve in a while. 3 weeks later, you have to go back down to Earth, but that is another part of the story.

Dah lama aku tak tulis macam ni. Study nyer pasal, aku kener tinggalkan ruang blog (yet I still read other’s blogs). So, aku pon kena lah menjalankan otak aku ni agar ada idea nak tulis apa. Kalau tak dirajinkan, nanti terus takda idea, aku just leave this blog empty, not updated, bla2. Pasal apa aku tulis macam ni? Sebab aku memang dah takda idea.

Got message from my friend in UK. His not from UK, just happen to go on vacation with me (guys from UK seem to abandon me, eventhough I have tell them). No snow over there. What a relief. Snow kat sini dah macam tak betul, tak habis-habis. I want to run away from them, for a while. Looking forward this wednesday. Yahoo. Hopefully my travel will be alright, no delays or whatever.

I hate to watch marathon of series, anime, jdorama, or whatever. When the episodes ended and no continuation, I feel miserable. I cannot stop thinking, why must it end? I want to see them more, please. But don’t worry, time will take it away, I’ll be just fine. Everyone goes through that sometimes.

I need to watch Golden Compass. I have to. Maybe I’ll try to do that in London. I want to watch it so badly….