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“The cinema is not an art which films life: the cinema is something between art and life. Unlike painting and literature, the cinema both gives to life and takes from it, and I try to render this concept in my films. Literature and painting both exist as art from the very start; the cinema doesn’t.” – Jean Luc Goddard, 1970

I think that my increasing attitude to watch a movie every single day (yes, that’s so true!), that I have to give a review which movie I feel good, based on my opinion. But, you know, actually I watch those movie based on the review from Rotten Tomatoes. I agree that I am a particular person, movie that I am going to watch better be good, if not, its going to be suck! By the way too, don’t try to ask me “where do you watch it? How do you find it?”. Come on man, its new world now. Technology is the powerful tool in changing one’s life.

So I finally decided to update my blog every week, if I can (at least), not here, but in my pages (it sort of a blog post, but it’s not) which you can find on the top navigation. I’ll put review about any media I receive good (movies, music, whatever etc), which I feel good in my own opinion. I need to keep on pushing this buttons in front of me in order to make somebody read, – eventhough my grammar is the third grade grammar – and also to make myself writing, writing, writing. Need to improve, need to.

Try to grab this (if you can, I mean if you have time): –

  • Children of Men (2006): very dark (possible) fiction future
  • No Country for Old Men (2007): try to seek the theme, what a film~
  • Atonement (2007): twisted ending
  • Pulp Fiction (1994): what the heck of a movie
  • The Pianist (2002): well, try not to carry away okay?
  • Juno (2007): awek comel



Children of Men
No Country For Old Men
The Pianist
Pulp Fiction

The listed above is the movie which I found very great last few weeks. What an unhealthy life. Once a week of sports, well at least I able to do it. No complaint.

Whenever I watched those movies, (some other that I don’t put on the list), I started to think, why can’t a Malaysian producer or director create such movie like hollywood?

Cinta Wall

Aku teringin sangat nak tengok satu filem Malaysia, filem Melayu terutamanya dimana jalan cerita dia tak common, atau sesuatu yang surreal, boleh jadi tak masuk akal tapi menarik. Aku rasa aku pernah juga terjumpa filem-filem sedemikian: Cinta (2006), jalan cerita banyak, berkait, dan mendalam serta sinematografi yang berkesan. Tak kurang pun, filem-filem Yasmin Ahmad ada juga yang menarik, yang mana aku sempat tengok, terutamanya Mukhsin (2006). Aku cuba membandingkan dengan filem-filem hollywood lain yang punyai jalan cerita yang lebih kurang serupa: kurang dialog, lebih situasi, dan tema yang berkesan. Tapi ramai orang tak dapat tangkap tema-tema yang muncul dalam sesebuah filem. Itu sebabnya orang minat menonton cerita lebih aksi, kurang dialog. Cerita kungfu. Kalau cerita berkisar gangster, memang hebat untuk kita depict elemen-elemen yang merepek. Tapi takpa, satu usaha dari Pengarah-pengarah negara kita. Bila agaknya muncul cerita yang ala-ala Godfather?



But, don’t worry-lah. There will be time when our film industry able to go to Academy Awards, or win the Palme d’Or. Just wait. Maybe even one day, our writer(s) will win the Noble Prize for Literature.


Menurut pakar Bahasa Melayu, Universiti Barat Ontario, Cik Izyan yang tinggi lampai, hidup kita ini ada pasang dan surut, kitaran yang baik dan buruk akan sampai juga dekat kita satu hari nanti. Maka untuk dirumitkan lagi, dia menjadikan status hidup dia “Complicated and Confusing”. Dengan beraninya, saya tampil kehadapan…

Wahai saudara Kookie, apakah zatnya yang dunia ini telah berikan pada kamu malam hari ini sehingga kamu menjadi kurang siuman?

Tiada apa, nothing. I’m just gearing up my mood for writing. Susah nak menulis (menaip) tanpa melepaskan idea-idea yang kurang bernas. Panaskan enjin, bak kata orang.

Stages of My Life, Lately.

1. The Power of Internet


Remember the days after SPM, sitting around, doing nothing. Then discovered that my sis has an internet account. That time, streamyx is something very new to Malaysia. The empire is about to expand later. Still new to internet domain (learn about it 1 year before that), chatting was the best thing, for teenagers. Some older people also fall into that domain, you know what I mean. Night and day, chatting over the mIRC was the thrill. Discover new people, that was the intention.

There was also some other activities, you know, I should skip it. The details will create a long post. I can keep on talking about it, and causes me to bifurcate from the main point. In the end, I subscribe to streamyx, hoping that my father can pay for it. I have some balance in my account, I can use it if my father won’t pay the bill (which is under my name). In the end, living allowance end up as the source – ultimately I stop paying, and to my surprise (everyone surprises), there were no longer bills coming to my house. Weird huh.

Internet has open my eyes on how this world is actually one. Everything is there. I know it is illegal to download stuff from internet, but it is worthwhile. It has help me to perceive things, approaching different stuff – stuff that I hated before, stuff that I never know, stuff that make me appreciate how good it is, so many stuff.

2. Samurai Champloo¹



Read about this in magazine. Samurai story that use anachronism: feudal age japan + hip hop subculture. I always intend to watch it, and finally I did it, in Canada.

This is the anime that totally change the course of my music perception, and consequently, my life.

The music from the anime is totally wicked. I never know there was such a nice hip hop music. It was not actually a total hip hop, it is instrumental hip hop – funky jazzy beat. I love jazz, that is the main music that I listen to since I was a child. Together with hip hop, I never knew there exist such music. I hate hip hop. To me, hip hop is the music of the westerners, urban westerners that use music to release their anger, music that appreciate money. Merosakkan budaya. But I am wrong. There are some hip hop music that is beautiful, beautiful enough to change the course of my life.

3. Nujabes and Trip Hop


modal soul


Nujabes is one of the contributorfor the anime’s soundtrack. What so cool about Nujabes, he is the master. The master of beautiful music. Even Fat Jon, Tsutchie, and Force of Nature. Nujabes able to combine modal jazz and hip hop beat, the result is priceless. Love you man.

I learned about this website posting so many hip hop music. Then I learned about DJ Shadow, and his world of trip hop. His collaboration partner, Cut Chemist, and Ninja Tune. Ninja tune is a recording company that signs many DJs and music producers. All these are from Wikipedia (learn so much from it). From there, I get as many music that is related with them, and then discover The Herbaliser, Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra, Gotan Project, Funky DL, Kero One, Koala Kid, DJ Food, Guru, The Roots, Portishead, Massive Attack, Sage Francis, Jaga Jazzist and RJD2. Expanding my mind on trip hop, lo-fi, nu jazz and electronic music, that was the best moment of discoveries. That is how I appreciate music more than before. Actually there are some other hip/trip hop musician out there that I not fully discovered yet, especially Madlib. I will get some of the albums, if money is not a problem.

The weird is, why such great musicians born from UK and Europe. There are some in America, but not that unique. There are some, but hard to get.

4. The Beatles



The Fab Four (From: Rolling Stones)

After some excitement, I went back to the oldies. In my campus, I just realized that we can share music with each other iTunes. It was fun, opening up somebody’s library and listening to their music. There was this guy that happen to have 100 GB of music. I listened to The Beatles, you know the happy tunes, rock and roll A Hard Day’s Night, Help, Ticket to Ride, She Loves You, and Eleanor Rigby.

Then came the weird sounding song ever, it was different, compare with the others. Strawberry Field Forever. It was an electronic music, almost sampling. How can the 60’s able to do it? Was the technology available? The Beatles?

I started to look in the web, and found the miracles of it: The Beatles is not an ordinary group. They are the Radiohead of their time. Pioneer in sampling music, avant-garde Paul McCartney, experimentalist John Lennon, rising George Harrison and uncanny Ringo Starr were the Gods in music industry. The top list of the immortals², they open my eyes about music.Total whacked in the head.

The Beatles influence is vast. Their ultimate album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band influence many modern artists and bands. Their musical technique and style, is superb. Their fame is out of bound, but their fate is not that long (break up).


Greatest Album of All Time

5. Radiohead



This is a shame post.People already listen to Radiohead for a long time, I’ve just knew them, never heard any (except Karma Police). After those experience above, I knew they are not normal, they are the best of our time. It’s true, all of their albums never have a dull moment, always great.

Also with Radiohead, there are some british indie bands that are good, yet to discover by me (if I have enough time), Oasis, Muse, The Libertines, Kaiser Chiefs etc.

And yet, there is also group that I try to follow the music lately, old band, but also one of the greatest. Pink Floyd. Let’s hope that I can get it done some day.


There are underground groups/band out there in Malaysia that are upgrading every single time. I heard some of the potentials (Thanks to master Jal in Manchester, and bro Baim), I believe that these people can give new revolution in our music industry. Become one of the greatest, that is a man destiny on this world.


Hujan band

Hujan: The Progressive Band.

That’s it folk. Sayonara.

1. Samurai Champloo is created by Shinichiro Watanabe, Manglobe Inc. 2005
2. Elvis Costello. The Immortals 1:) The Beatles. Rolling Stones. April 2004.
“Don’t let someone become priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life…”

Never open yahoo webmail since I have gmail and hotmail (also U’s email). Discovered some weird junk emails, and unexpected emails. One of them is from my sis, she send me some pictures of latest Hari Raya. I asked my mum on the phone, she is the one that want me to see those pictures. I believe this is the first big family picture that doesn’t include the nenek and datuk. They still missing me.

Aidlilfitri 2007


Yet, I can’t figure why my sis include the quote above. Did she know about my secret admiration on this “girl”, or is she just testing me? However, the quote is so deep. It has its own meaning towards me, and open my eyes at some point.

Why do you have to go to such great length just for this one person. Why do I believe that this person can help me in the future. Is she the one?

Jangan terburu-buru beb, lepak dulu. Masa masih ada, kalau hilang pun, maybe ada yang lagi baik.

The Happiness.

Family never argue about what you want to be. Just be yourself. Since you are the hope, the last, the sweetest, at least think for us: the parents. Be the best for them.

I have an uncle, he was my source of inspiration. Everything that he has done until now, all the success he has made, all for his mom, dad and his family. I take him as a role model, my family is the catalyst to go further. My friend is my challenge. You can’t beat him with his genius, beat him with your hard work. Alhamdulillah, He is the Maha Adil.

The Comels.


Being the youngest in home, he is the main attention, until one day when a small boy came to the house, then followed by the others. No longer the baby, he is now the Uncle. The youngest uncle now has to give up on all arguments, toys, almost everything, just for the sake of the cutes.

But he realized, that these cutes are his main source of happiness lately. When he is bored, he came to these kids to play, to joke around, etc.

How long will it last then? Just like a normal parents, after they kids start to grow, they are no longer cute, no longer can be touch or tickle, we have to let them go.

People come and go. That’s life. Just be ready for the time. You can’t stop them.