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Long time.

Finally made it here.

The Crazy Week

Last week memang crazy. I woke up in the morning, Monday and saw white, totally white landscape. Snow was falling heavy than usual, there was crazy one, but not that day. I got myself out of the bed, determined to go to Physics class. It was crazy, I couldn’t see the road, and nobody is on the road in front of me. Why did I made myself go to class, eventhough I knew that the class will be canceled. I wished that nobody will be in the class, but I was wrong. There at least 15 person in the class, hoping the prof to come. Well, she came, after 20 minutes, and decided to cancel the class. Most morning classes that day were canceled. Memang sah, snow gila punya tebal. The snow continue until tomorrow. Can you imagine that?? Next morning, Tuesday, the wind was fucking hard, the snow was flying of out the bed and spread into the sky, before hitting my face. I hate those days, hate it. Plus my mid term tests, I need to go to the lab to study, but I couldn’t do it. Have to stay in the room, in the building.

About my tests? I almost disappoint everyone. Study so hard, day and night, I never felt such tight schedule ever since I start my 2nd year (the first semester was the stupid strike, maybe that’s why). I just get above the class average, and the lab test was idiot too. I just want to kill myself. Wish that the week get pass fast.

The week was indeed crazy. By Wednesday, the large pile of snow get washed out in just few hours. Why? Because it was raining. For two days, the rain continue, and by Friday, the road was clear of snow. But yeah, the pile of snow is still there, but nothing compared to yesterday. Last week was indeed crazy. With “v-day”, I wasn’t feeling well. Surprised with the outcome, and feeling unhappy about the stupidity, I just felt the worse. I am still wondering until today, why I felt such weakness during last week, while everyone enjoying their life.

Kadang-kadang, aku rasa macam diri ni tak betul sangat. Aku cuba berbuat baik terhadap orang, tapi sekali sekala aku rasa macam apa aku buat ni salah, dan aku jadi marah. Aku bukannya tak suka dengan sesetengah perempuan yang aku kenal, cuma aku ada taste and preference sendiri. Aku bukanlah memilih tahap cipan kena buasir, tapi aku ada sifat bodoh tersendiri. Aku tak kisah kalau perempuan tu bitch sekalipun, tapi kalau dia muncul depan aku dengan otak yang bijak dan tahu guna sepenuhnya, aku suka dia. Tak pernah aku tolong seorang perempuan ni dengan baiknya, tapi dia macam dah langgar dan rempuh sempadan aku, sempadan kesabaran aku. Aku tak kisah kalau kau itu meniru kerja aku, tapi kalau dah sama markah dengan aku, aku terus lari dari sifat baik hati aku. Paling seronok sekali, kalau kau kata kau dapat kertas lain dari aku, mengaku yang semua tu kerja kau sendiri, sedangkan kau dah curi seratus peratus kerja aku. Dahlah buat kerja tak pandai, nak buat ayat pun tak tahu, sebab ilmu tu sendiri pun kau tiada, aku ni dengan sabar dan baik hati pun bagilah satu persatu jawapan. Memang sesuailah nama aku ni bapak aku bagi sebagai “Manusia”, tengok manusia lain susah, aku pun terus jadi susah.

My Heroes

I do have special heroes: Superman, Ultraman, Batman, Abang Man, such others that has the name ending with man. This time, I found special heroes that save me from stressful situation. They are the funky, supersonic, avant-garde musician that enrich my playlist for the week. Here are some brief information about them (well, from wikipedia mostly I kew them).

Amon Tobin


He rally caught me with the Sultan Drops and Four Ton Mantis. Specialised in Drum and Bass, Jazz, Techno, Ambient, he save me from the stress moment with Optical Mineralogy. The fast beat of drum, bass from my big speaker, the supersonic use of sampling (motorcycle sound!), he really impressed me because of the Jazz fusion. Well, I love jazz, so anything that has fusion with jazz mood, I take it. There are other songs that really nice, and the recent album, Foley Room, it did a good job of entertaining me.

Prefuse 73


Hahaha, his music is glitch most of the time, but his creativity is splendid. I heard his name before, but never try any of his music. The Point to B music did appear in Nujabes Ristorante mixtape. I believe that is the good one from everything. He has other names for his music career, and that make me feel dissapointed because I cannot find his other work other than Prefuse. Anyway, he is amazing!


This band is old actually. Starting back in ’92, they can be considered as old enough for me (consider with my age). However, their music what inspier my Most Favourite Band, Jaga Jazzist. Indeed they are amazing, upbeat music, electronic and with element of rock and jazz, they made my mood cheer up for a bit. From wikipedia, their lyrics are actually protest lyrics, for example from the song With Friends Like This, “We’ll censor the hell out of you…/We’ll coerce evil out of you…/ We’ll cut you’re tongue if we have to…/You’re the baddies and we hate you…”. The vocalist of the group, Lætitia Sadier sometime make the music in harmonic feeling, and the messages of protesting is not really made out, you know. Not like RATM or SOAD.

I downloaded some bands on the net, well actually trying new taste of music. I read about the Avant-Garde music, which compromise of two, well actually one type: Experimental. Some people call it Music Concrete, but what the hell. Hard to explain, read here. But my advice is, after listening to them, before you do try to listen to them, please have a patience, open your heart to any possible feeling that you might receive. Selepas 1 jam aku layan music dari Animal Collective dan Squarepusher, aku terus jadi tak menentu.

Short Reviews, yeah.

Anyways guys, these are few movies I watch recently after the hard week.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer


(This is a reply to Dalilah after her recommendation.)

This movie is smart in my opinion. The main character is what some people described as anti-hero. At some point you like to remain watching, want to know what will he do to preserve the smell of a virgin + beautiful woman. Shoot, I jump from introducing the main plot.

It is adapted from a novel of the same name. The movie follows Jean Baptiste Grenouile (Ben Whishaw), a perfumer that has unique ability in smelling, due to his sensitive olfactory. He can measures the quantity of making a great perfume from smelling, and the scent of women, which he try so hard to preserve. In the end, he did found a way to do it, but he has to kill the women. It is interesting because of the character; you will find to pity him and like to see his success in doing his experiment, but on the other hand you hate him because, well he is a murderer. The disturbing view point I saw on him finally settle after he learned that his perfume made people love each other (there is a scene of largest group sex, OMG), but he himself can’t find the perfect love. In the end, he turned into a tragic hero, by…




An enjoyable film, so to say. Outstanding acting to Ben Whishaw, Dustin Hoffman, Alan Rickman and the gila-mantap-cun Rachel Hurd-Wood.


Ish, aku nak bini cam ni…

Into The Wild


Indeed, this is a good movie. Like it a lot. Directed by Sean Penn, this movie made it way into Academy Award, well that is where I interested watching the movie.

The movie is about Christopher McCandless, escaping from the brutal reality of his life, into the wild of nature. He created a name, Alexander Supertramp as his alter ego, and travel all around America and finally to Alaska. The movie has many theme to begin with. As a child in rich family, Chris found that his family background is not that bright. Facing with arrogant parents, he decided to see the true face of nature by abandoning his wealth and do everything he likes. Just like people that would like to do before his or her death, in the end he did die. What a life.




For some particular reason, I don’t like Chris at some point – running away from the problem he faces, leaving his parents and sister to live in grieve – but I do agree with him with the point that everyone should do what ever they like to. I think what happen to him in the end, well, very sad to think of. Not able to go back to the civilization, is it his own fault, or somebody else? Anyway, it is a good movie to watch (Kristen Stewart cun~), and think for your own self.

The Golden Compass


A big, not major disappointment to me. I thought it’s going to be awesome like LOTR (New Line Cinema really did a good job promoting this film as great as LOTR), but not! Fast paced plot, without in details of what is really happening, I just can’t feel the excitement when watching the movie. However, because of I am a geek and nerd who like fantasy stories, I found it as somewhat brilliant film, well book actually.

Lyra Belacqua (or Silvertongue) is a kid (protagonist) that can read the Alethiometer, also known as Truth Measurer. By the name, the mechanical stuff can show her the truth that she wants to know. The thing is operated by the particles that is called “Dust”. The explanation I found in wiki is that the Dust is comparable to Dark Matter in the universe (well sort of physics knowledge, which will take me months to complete read about it). But the Dust in the movie which is introduced to us is just a Dust, without further explanation. Maybe the director try to explain it in the sequel, but with the kind of rating the movie receive, will it be any sequel?

Anyway though, the best thing in the movie is, the visual effects, and Nicole Kidman. Wahahaha.


Keep on watching guys



Animated film about a girl, Marjane Satrapi, an Iranian that lives during the Revolution and after that. The animated film is spectacular at some point, because it has unique blending of visual and emotional story telling. The depicition of Iranian goevernment from her viewpoint, and how she had to separate from her family, in which her parents sacrifice just to see her safe and happy. I have no further comment for this movie, as a Muslim, I do believe that she is right and wrong at some point. A not so good animated film, but fun to watch.

The Wind That Shakes The Barley.

On the page.


Well, that’s it for tonight. I will post some other rambling later on during this reading week, some excitement moment(s), and another review that will follow. Cheers~

aku tak tulis-tulis lagi pasal pengalaman aku kat London kan, nanti-nanti lah. Aku ada idea nak tunggang-terbalikkan pengalaman tu, well takdalah happy mana pun winter aku…

Further reading…search jer lah kat wiki, atau google.


Happy Chinese New Year.

To my dear fren, which so far remembers each other, Irving Tan in OttawaU. Semoga berterusan hensem. (puji ada makna ni)

Also to my friends in Acadia, Nina, Chew, Chancy, Vivi, etc2. Ramai lah plak. I think they will never find this blog, if they do, that will be good then.

Wishing all the best for the rest of the year.


After 3 days of struggling for midterms, desire to watch movies everyday increase. So, by the end of Friday, I decided to watch the Jason Bourne trilogy. Haha, in one night. Memang gila. But worth it. All Bourne’s films is magnificent. Anyways, I’m here not to rambling about those movies, but some other that I manage to watch during the weekends, and some last week.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Jesse James

This movie is not that good, compare to the other “old” western movies. But, yeah, it is good to see Brad Pitt playing the legendary Jesse James. He seems suitable to bring the character: silent, melancholic, and sinister looking. The movie’s slow pace movement, jumping from one scene to the other, and by the title itself, the movie is more into the character played by Casey Affleck, the Coward Bob Ford, not Jesse. One cool thing about the movie, is the cinematography technique: the low lighting mood of winter, and dark silence atmosphere of killers. Anyway, it is an enjoyable movie, in my opinion.

Gone Baby Gone
gone baby gone

I don’t know why, I am not a fan of Ben Affleck for particular reason, but I think he has his unique ability in writing a movie. His first shot, with Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting has show people that he is not just an actor of Hollywood, but also a writer, producer and director.

In this movie, Casey Affleck (yes, his brother) plays Patrick Kenzie, a Private Investigator with his partner Angie Gennaro try to solve a case of a missing child. The case then lead to other mysteries regarding the girl’s “death”, until we are surprised by what is actually happening – the actual kidnapping.

It is a good movie: has its own character’s morale, which he thinks is right, but the other think it’s wrong, and up to us to think whether we agree with Patrick Kenzie or not.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
sweeney todd

Highly recommended. Seriously enjoyable musical-thriller film. Tim Burton is the best. I have no particular reason why people like Across The Universe so much, but this movie is the one I have enjoy from the beginning until the end. Who can imagine, musical film, but also consider as a thriller? Yes it’s true, rated R.

Adapted from musical play, Sweeney Todd (played by Johnny Depp) came to London to have his revenge for the “death” of his wife, and lost relation with his daughter. His desire to kill the Judge Turpin, made him think that everyone is wrong, and decide to kill them while shaving, and have their meat for Ms. Lovett’s meat pie. Geli sungguh bila aku tengok.

This musical film in a sense of musical, does not contain “dance while singing” action. Just singing performance by the actor, and computer effects by Tim Burton. It’s lovely.

3:10 To Yuma
310 to yuma

A very nice movie, not a typical “spaghetti western” movies, this movie has been praised for a being a good old western movie since Unforgiven (Westbrook, 2007).

The story is simple: caught the dangerous man, Ben Wade (played by Russel Crowe), a group of people, with a desperate rancher, Dan Evans (Christian Bale) escort Wade to Contention Station for the 3:10 train to Yuma (a prison jail). The growing analysis of the characters, Evans determination, and unpredicted Ben Wade – overall this movie is worth watching. The gun shooting plot at the end is one of magnificent moments in the film. Tengok jer lerr, nanti baru tahu best ke tak.

Mr. Brooks
mr brooks

Atas nasihat kawan aku, aku tengok cerita ni, takda yang menarik mana pun. tapi aku suka interaksi antara “setan” dia dengan apa yang dia fikirkan terbaik, bagi dia dan keluarga dia. Maybe because of my friend love to watch murder movies, that she really like this kind of genre. And the uniqueness of this story, is that killing is an addict, and sooner or later, it will hunt you, no matter what. Thanks to Dane Cook, this thriller movie is not that thrilling.

My Name Is Red: Review (so far)


Baim ada tanya aku, nak beri review lah yer. Aku beli buku ni bulan Jun last year, until now, aku tak habis-habis lagi baca. Ada lagi 6 chapter. Overall, kira setakat ni, bagi aku Orhan Pamuk memang masyuk. Style dia lain dari pernah aku jumpa. Setiap chapter dia berdasarkan one person narration, kiranya ada 8 karakter (contoh), setiap karakter ni ada chapter dia sendiri dan kita tahu dari title chapter (example: I is Red – chapter tu pasal warna merah, dan significant dia bercerita pasal diri dia dalam konteks novel tu). Bila aku cakap macam ni, maknanya novel tu tak semua karakter adalah manusia; ada object (duit syiling), ada lukisan (I am a Horse), Setan (I, Satan) dan sebagainya. Setiap benda tu ada important role dia dalam menyelesaikan masalah novel tu.

Cerita dia adalah fiksyen thriller sebenarnya, nak cari pembunuh yang bunuh pelukis-pelukis (known as Miniaturist) zaman Turki Uthmaniah (bawah perintah sultan apa entah, aku tak ingat). Pelukis-pelukis macam dah langgar peraturan, sebab dah nak ikut style orang-orang Venice (zaman Renaissance punye style lukisan). Tapi, tema sebenar buku ni adalah pasal Death. Banyak kali elemen-elemen roh, jasad muncul dalam buku tu. Banyak lagi lah kalau aku nak ungkitkan pasal buku ni, tak cukup kalau aku nak tulis kat sini. Kena baca sediri, dan fikirkan bersama-sama.

Ramai juga kata, yang My Name Is Red tak sehebat Snow (penulis sama, tapi bukan fiksyen). Mungkin, aku akan cuba baca buku ni pula.


Footnotes: Bruce Westbrook. A Wildly eventful action-adventure. Houston Chronicle, Sept 6 2007.
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