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20 days since last post, 4 days after final exam ended. Since then my Geology Field School has been going from the first day after final paper done. Begin at 9 a.m until 11 p.m. (the most) everyday, I am sorry for not able to write any new post, reporting my complex life to you all. Well now, I’m here, the complexity of geological formations in the area of Wolfville and later of Antigonish (somewhere around NS) won’t be revealed for your information. The purpose of having the field school is to get the knowledge on how to do mapping, measuring dip and strike, mapping structural contour, colouring different bedrock, and so on about geological map skills. Later on, learning the complexity of igneous, metamorphic and carbonate rocks. It is, for your info, is a pass and fail course and won’t affect your GPA, i.e. don’t take to much work and energy into it, relax. Man, how do I come to be like this in the first place. Fate brings you here man, just shut up!

Result already came out last two days. I am so surprised I did so well, more than I expected. Haha, boleh ler duk bilik mahal camni. I can’t wait ’til 15 of May, flying back home, will be seeing my mom, dad, sis(s), anak-anak buah yang comel. Before that, having few blast days in Ottawa, or O-town by Mr. Merbuk, and few days in downtown Toronto. Gonna meet my old best buddy again, Baim, seniors that helped me a lot, Kak Zidah perhaps. Those unlucky guys and girls who are kelam kabut, or by scientific term we can call it home-sick syndrome, you guys make me disappointed. Anyways, I was like that too last year, but I felt the sad life on the last day in O-town. Turning 21 in less than one month.

I want to write something about gaming side of my life. I had this idea since last two weeks, during the exam weeks. But, maybe some other time when I am free, totally free 24 hours boredom, I’ll write about it. I just realized that the top post of my blog is the one that tell about the Kingdom Hearts, and latest post. I think that if I keep on writing about the gaming stuff, maybe my blog stats will rise, and what’s the point of this? So that I can keep on writing, improving my skills, and start the big plan of creating fictions. I try my best to improve, but I can’t see it by myself actually. Did I change during the last 2 years period of studying in Canada?. Only you know.

Another usual remarks, few movies I managed to watch last few days. Even though the field school is like hell torturing me deep inside burning mad, I try to grab every hours that I can get to watch some good movies (some not).

Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Finally, I’ve watched this film, after long anticipation from 2005. A good film. The chemistry of Jolie and Brad Pitt (yes, my favorite actor) was perfectly shown in this film. Maybe from this kind of familiarity between them that merge them together in real world.

Cloverfield. This movie is crazy. Using a concept of mobile camera (or handycam), the story is amazing. It ahs the same old theme of monster destruction, just like Godzilla, but because of different and unique visual presentation the movie scares some shit out of me. The visual effects, together with the panic and suspense situation, from the beginning of the monster attack on New York, until mission to bombing the city (the whole city) just to kill it, and the survival of the camera user and his friends. It is a must watch movie, but be aware that the movie can cause some headache and nausea after 1 hour (the movie itself is not that long, to keep people from the dizziness).

Training Day. An old movie. Just watch it. Not to give further comment or review.

Hero. A Japanese movie, follow up from the amazing series by the same name. Starred by Takuya Kimura, also another one of my favorite actor alive. As usual, for all of you guys that have watched the series before, the movie still carry the same familiarity of the theme, especially justice has to be done on the idiot. The movie however exploit more scene in courtroom, which we seldom saw in the series, and the tracing investigation to Korea from Japan. The movie marked the first time Takuya share a screen with Korean actors. Takako Matsu made the movie has it own peculiar beauty. The supporting casts, such as Hiroshi Abe and others, made the movie funny as ever. A good one to me.

CJ7, by Stephen Chow (also acted in it) can be considered good. It is a very entertaining father-son movie, where the father work hard just to sent his son to private school, and can’t affors to buy any toys for the son. One day he accidentally found an alien-like dog for his son. The movie is not that funny in comparison with Chow’s earlier movies, but for the theme and CGI effects, it can be considered worth to watch.

Memento, by Christopher Nolan. Also an old movie, made in 2000. It is a totally wicked movie, non-linear narration, and reverse. Not the movie itself rewinding, but the plot itself is unique. Its not like Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, where computer graphic enriched the motion of the film, but Memento rely more in story editing, and Christopher Nolan genius. A worthy movie to put in my Golden list (it never exists).

The Bank Job. A British Movie, starred by Jason Statham, and some other British actors which not so known in Hollywood. A very good movie, funny and interesting. The thing is about watching UK movies, I need a good subtitle, if not I’m gonna lost some ideas what is going on within that movie. Can I considered this movie as twisted ending? I don’t know. The story is fictional at viewers point, but it is claimed to be based o true event that happen sometime in London during the late 70’s. it’s about a biggest heist (claimed) ever in London, where the group of the robbers realised that they are robbing the bank for the sake of MI5 of British undercover agencies, retrieving the Princess naked photos exploited by the “revolutionist”. The consequences of their action led to the death of the members, when one of the deposit box belong to a corrupted club manager – seeking to exploit the dark secret of the MP – hunt them down.

There Will Be Blood. The best. Slow pace, but best. Daniel Day Lewis is an amazing actor, he can be into the character of a man hungry of power and name so authentic that even I can feel his own emotion. The story is also about oil, (hah!) another geology stuff but not that detail. The movie try to show that money and authority can’t buy all the happiness. Don’t take lightly on God fates, is another thinkable them that you can see within the plot of the film. Even the false preacher too can have his own doom by pursuing money in the wrong way.

Thats all folks, for now. Still has a lot to share here, but time constraint killing me!!

P/S: Cuci bosan gila, kalau compare ngan Baik Punya Cilok. Takda poster atau gambar untuk post ni, aku takda masa.


About two weeks now since I last updated my blog. Promise made to myself that I will try to update every week if I can, but the premise is made in conjunction with “try” and “if”.  Uh,  what the hell is wrong with the sentence, I don’t get it, nevermind. Someone is good enough to play on words, well I’m not. If something like that happened, it is nonetheless a grammatical error which I couldn’t spot. Back to original idea. Why I can’t get myself to update the blog last week, and why right now I don’t have any idea to share with the readers which happen to enjoy my blog as they would enjoy a reality show sponsored by local mobile phone company.

Last weekend, on the 29th of March 2008, an event which is popular in North America continent, called Relay For Life. From wikipedia it is an annual fundraising event to support those poor souls who have cancer in their brain, testis, ovary, lungs, and breast. It is an overnight event, from 7 p.m to 7 a.m next day (30th). It a hell long night event of doing nothing but walking around the ice ring (without the ice of course) to remember those who fight further in the battle against the malicious cancer, lighting luminaries (candle inside a lunch bag) and stay awake for 12 hours. It is a memorable event for someone who has cancer or relative that has cancer, and not entertaining for those that had exam next morning, or totally healthy family (which don’t have any cancer records). I saw my friend’s wife cried that night beside the luminary of her aunt (maybe), remembering the days she still alive, fighting the cancer from within. I tried remembering back someone from my family who died of cancer, and I do have one, he just gone last year, few days after I came back to Canada. Living as a wealthy and generous person, he always gave me duit raya yang paling banyak antara ramai-ramai of my living uncles. And also, a person came across my mind, not from my family, but well known to many Malaysian, the late wife of our Prime Minister. I forgot her name. At least I remember, that is good right? No? Too bad. So, that was my night last weekend, with final lab exam on the next morning (31st), I have less than 24 hours to study, and shit! I thought that was the biggest mistake that I ever done so far in my life. I knew the morning of the final lab exam, I am going to fail the exam. To my disbelief, and everyone too, I did not fail. Not an A- mark, but at least that is enough by not getting an F. Also because I didn’t have enough time to study, what I got is what I deserved to get.

I am listening to a jazz music right now, and been listening to them since last few weeks. Sometimes I switch to breakbeat music, but that doesn’t change that much. What kind of jazz I’ve been listening too is a nu-jazz (modern jazz some would say) and breakbeat-bossa nova. Beats Antique, a breakbeat kind of trip-hop group has a great range of exotic music: middle-east style (the belly dancing music), and Indian sitar. Its reminded me to Amon Tobin’s Sultan Drops beginning. What kind of music I’ve been listening for this past 2 years is unpredictable. Totally change upside down. From System, to RHCP, to Beatles, to DJ Shadow, to Cinematic Ochestra, to Quantic, to Aphex Twin, to Squarepusher, to Animal Collective, but never to metal and trash. I do like progressive metal by The Black Mages and electo-house from Justice, but never those group of Alexisonfire, and those shouting-vocalist bands. With this awkward taste of music I have developed, I felt no undesired atmosphere when I stepped in a club with those lost-from-the-world inhabitants that keep on touching the sky, reaching the thin air of lust and empty emotions.

Back to my original idea. I managed to watch few movies since the real weekend. First start with Hotel Rwanda. A very good movie, someone claimed to cry when watching the film. Well not sad enough compare to One Liter (yes! that is the saddest show I ever watched, and I’m going to watch it again some other time). The story has the same premise with The Schindler’s List, about how a man bribed the local officer to protect the haunted tribe called Tutsi (Jews in TSL). Since Paul (played by Don Cheadle) is from Hutu and very wealth-known hotelier in Rwanda, he used all his effort to save his wife from Tutsi clan and those who searched him for protection. The film has less brutality than TSL, but yet the theme of humanity is carried perfectly throughout the film. Then from here I searched for another movie that carry the same theme, but focus on the notorious figure, The Last King Of ScotlandIdi Amin. With no theme of humanity such as Rwanda, I praised the film because of Forest Whitaker portraying Idi Amin very well perfect. I haven’t seen how the real Idi Amin would be, but his character emotion of someone easily lost their mind and start to kill suspicious people is well carried by him. Overall, the movie is good, but not enough to impress me to the end. Somehow I didn’t feel pity for Dr. Garrigan (played by James McAvoy) because most of his problem and ultimate punishment at the film’s climax is from his previous stubborn-egoistic ideas.

I watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – an old spaghetti western movie. Played by Clint Eastwood, I don’t want to talk much about this film. I also watched Green Street, a story about non-violent journalist kicked out from Harvard, went to UK and create friendship with Hooligans of West Ham United, came back to States (after some crazy-spirit-building-event of fighting and heartbreaking moment) and take bake his seat at Harvard from the guy who made him expelled. The film is so much associated with this good friend of mine that had been talking about it since Paleozoic era with the strong emotional quote “Stand your ground and fight!” and the Bubbles Song. After my trip to London than I realized what the movie is all about without even watching it yet (one of my buddy there is a biggest fan of West Ham United). Than I watched a great movie which also have been heard since Archean era: Fight Club.

Twisted ending, this kind of movie which I have been looking for. Complex plot, the cinematic style of the director David Fincher, new kind of viewing taste! Watching a film is also an act of indulging something, rather than watching it, with similar presentation again and again (macam filem-filem melayu), sometimes people do get bored, even how good the movie is (like the recent one I watched, Lord of War) . Fight Club is one of my golden list (I don’t have a silver list). To everyone surprise too, I have to confess that I like every film which has Brad Pitt in it (except Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which I haven’t watch yet). Hehe, jangan fikir bukan-bukan, tapi aku admit aku suka cara Brad Pitt berlakon: bersahaja. Another good twisted ending movie I watched last week: Lucky Number Slevin. Nothing particular about this movie, everything seems fine until the end where element of surprise take place.

Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang arahan Mamat Khalid memang serius best. Dapat terasa balik aura lawak dari filem Rock, dimana Mamat cuba jadikan filem noir (hitam putih dan tema detektif) sebagai sebuah meta-komedi. Mamat bukan sahaja pandai bermain dengan watak, tetapi dengan suasana sekeliling (nak cari sesuatu yang berwarna tetapi dalam filem hitam dan putih, Karam Singh Walia copycat, Komunis cakap German, mak ayah selalu follow anak). Penyakit apa yang kena kat Rosyam Nor pun aku tak tahu, tapi aku ada tengok cerita bertemakan noir gak baru-baru ni: The Black Dahlia.

Anyways, if you need any information more than what I have given here, use Google lah! So lazy right now, going to bed…eh…watch movie first….Becoming Jane

Hotel Rwanda

The Last King of Scotland

Fight Club Poster

Panjang sangat title dia…