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Start with Langkawi first. The original plan was to have to holiday there with my family, joined by few friends, then we twisted a little bit; with only my parents and few friends, and alter it a bit few weeks later: no parents and one Canadian friend with few girls from Carleton and a boy plus me and Harun. So it began this holiday that has long been planned since late January this year. After we manage few problems with accommodation and transportation, on 15th of June we departed from LCCT to Langkawi. My original plan was to take a bus the night before 15 June, alone and arrive at Kuala Perlis next morning. But after hearing that all my friends will be going by planes, my dad immediately arranged and booked me a return ticket, same time and flight with Harun and Lindsey. So we departed at 810 in the morning and arrived an hour later, with the others arrived at noon and Khamsani from Kuala Kedah jetty at 1330.

We stayed at Twin Peaks Chalet in town of Kuah, and met Kham at the Giant Eagle place, a very famous landmark in Langkawi. After we took 20 something pictures around the eagle, we drive to airport to pick up Aini, and we have a damn expensive lunch there. Not regret with what happened, we off to Gunung Machincang also known as Langkawi Cable Car. Langkawi was so damn hot, luckily that there was no rain during our stay at Langkawi. At the top of the mountain, there is a hanging bridge, not really hanging but you can feel the shakes when you up there doing some crazy stunt. After exposed ourselves to the sun for about 2 hours, later that evening we went to Seven Wells, a waterfall that presumably have seven falls from top. There are so many stories surrounding Pulau Langkawi, its not enough to be told here. Go there, and learn it.

Langkawi Cable Car

Restoran Rasa

Later that night, after we get back to the chalet; have a shower, change clothes and sleep a bit, we went to Cenang Beach area to find a place for dinner. It was my idea to pick a restaurant with lot of customers so that we know that the restaurant’s food is good. Lindsey then picked a restaurant that expensive by it looks, and yes it was! But the expensive thing wasn’t really expensive when you eat in a large group, which in the end it was me finishing all the remains. DBKL aku nie…


Next morning, again with original planning that we designed the night before, we off to Underwaterworld Langkawi at Cenang. We don’t have any great time actually over there, but it was fun to see some of the penguins been feed by the workers, and the corals. Okay, not going into Geology stuff here (I was so excited at the top of Machincang because of the outcrops). After that, around 1200 at noon, we went to Cenang Beach, and it was there the original schedule twisted by Amirah (thank god that you found the Paklong Legend). With only RM 40, we take the Island Hopping package: from Awana Porto Malai, we went to Island of Pregnant Maiden (Pulau Dayang Bunting), then to see Eagle Feeding (we were fortunate to see two lost dolphins there) and finally to Wet Rice Island (Pualu Beras Basah). At Pulau Beras Basah, I had an accident, my feet get stabbed by the sea anemone (what Lindsey called) or known as Landak Laut, yang hitam tajam-tajam tu. The pain was an unforgettable moment in my life so far, the only original experience that I brought back from Langkawi. The true souvenir!

Cenang Beach


After whole that stuff, we went back to Cenang beach to cure my feet and the let the others to play their own game: Harun and Lindsey with their para-gliding (Lindsey had a crash landing), Khamsani as a watcher for both of them; Amirah, Fana, Ina with their Jet Ski and Aini left alone with nothing to play. During that night, the last night at Langkawi, we had a seafood dinner near the beach (actually the same spot I put lemon on my feet) and the other three girls excluding Aini had their great time at Spa. I ate lot of bivalves (kerang), and become the DBKL again. Then my eyes get irritated, I rubbed it, and at 2200 after all of us went to the spa and waited for them, my right eyes swelled. Allergy to the seafood, not my entire life, but lately it getting worse. I wonder why. Late that night, we played card game, while the girls went shopping for sourvenirs. That was around 2300 to 0000 midnight. I wished I had more money…

Pulau Beras Basah

The next morning, at 1000 in the morning, we left the chalet and went to the airport. To everyone surprise, all of us (including Kham) had the same flight at 1145. We played few last card game in the plane, and split on our own at LCCT, ending the 3 days trip with big smile and sweet memories (I hope everyone has).


Gila malas nak update blog. Aku tukar design untuk menyampaikan mesej malas aku kepada semua. Sorry for those that keep checking my blog for the past one month, I am damn lazy nak write stuff.need to get new keyboard if nak start writing balik. can use my laptop.but like to stay with my desktop (vista OS).hehe…