Summer Recap

Finally, with the freezing temperture outside which remind us that the summer time is over, here come Autumn and following next as always (as the Earth keep doing it things) is Winter time, then winter break, then christmas, and so on. Anyway, not here to talk about Earth Science stuff, but reviews for movies that I’ve watched during summer break in Malaysia. The cost to each show is RM 10 in average, depend on cinemas type and day. For students, I encourage you to go to GSC since it provide discount to students everyday, but that if you brought your student ID to convince the akak working at the counter.

The list that I present here is created by timeline of my three months summer break. It’s a lot, I calculated again (pre-writing process) and came out surprisingly (but not really) = 12 movies. That’s not a lot really, I think. Maybe someone can do that in a month, I believe (if there is any). So, here it goes (WARNING: CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT WATCHED ANY OF THEM):

The Chonicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I watched it week after I got back. So bored at home, I decided to go to cinema, and lucky enought it was playing that day. The story is a sequel of the earlier Narnia series: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It follows the 4 siblings back to Narnia after few years past in Human world, but 400 years in Narnia. When they got there, everything was changes and most Narnian live in the dark or underground to protect themselves from the humans that are known as Telmarines. The king, which called as King Miraz has a plot to make his son as the succesor and kill the Prince Caspian, supposedly the true heir of the throne. So, the movie goes on with the Pevensies try to save Narnia and help the Prince Caspian to get his right again as the true successor. The king plot to destroy the Narnian cause the Realm of Narnia plunges back to War, just like the previous one, but this time with human versus weird creatures, rather than creatures versus creatures.

The overall plot of the story is, ermm not bad I think. The maturity of each character is the best point to look at than the previous film, but not all. Peter Pevensie overgrown energy and pride cause him few regrettable moment in the movie, especially during the assault that cause unnecessary losses. The fight between him and the King Miraz is the highlight of the show, but sometimes it made me wonders how come he is so strong to fight an adult, but yeah, he is an adult. What the hell am I thinking about? The action sequences during this fight is just brilliant. Love it, just like the Gladiator.

The character Edmund Pevensie is the best I observed. There are few parts that show him as the true saviour of the Narnian, rather than his brother and Prince Caspian. When Peter is almost succumb to the temptation of the White Witch, Edmund destroy her without slightest feeling of mercy. Throughout the movie, he also shows quite impressive characteristics, such as reminding Peter to smile at the Narnian to give them confidence.

The story also shows how children can go to Narnia and start killing people. Haha. This is what I got after reading few reviews off the net. The bad side of the movie, yup. While at that point, Aslan the Lion still shows the religious (positive) symbol of the whole story. I kinda forgot how he make the hint to Lucy Pevensie to search him if she believe enough in him. (something like that) Just like you belive your own God, or Jesus which is the aspect of the whole Narnia series created by C.S. Lewis.

Overall, the movie is worth watching, but little bit radical for kids to watch as there are slaughters of creatures and humans, yet still fun for us to look at the CGI effects in the movie.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Yeah, he’s back after almost 18 years absent. Same actor, Harrison Ford to play his role, but different time and setting for rapid evolution of the world. The story follow the lives of Indy as the archeologist and part time teacher in the post World War 2, which nuclear bombing is the main sensation of that time. I don’t know how to go elaborating the plot of the story, but I’ll point out few good and bad things (yes, that’s what I should do in a review, idiot me).

The character of Indy, as what people already spotted has matured over past few years (between the third and this movie). No longer acting out of ordinary whithout proper concious, he now knows ho to control over-agrresive Mutt (which turned out to be his son), and think about others safeties first. Despite his old age, he’s still strong enough to fight the Russian soldier in the crowd of wild ants down the South America ( I forgot the place). The ants are so ridicilously huge, they even eat human alive. The other characters such as Mutt, a funny young guy with his motorbike, a Grease that’s what people refer to that type of guys during the 50’s. He is not an archeologist like Indy, but valuable enough to be put in the movie as a reliable sidekick. The comeback of Marion Ravenwood also a good point in the story. Since Indy not young anymore, he cannot jump on any young woman, as it wouldn’t fit the wiser character. Her funny characterisation is what make the story goes without bore interruption. Overall, the characters are good to observe as you go through.

The downside of the movie, for me is the whole theme of alien thing. A kingdom being built in the past by aliens which has a crystal skull, and highly magnetized? There has been few weird thing in the past movies too, but an alien theme, is not good at all. The story CGI over excessice toward the end is not bad, but kinda ran away from original Indy element. However most of the stunts done in the movie is real. Praise for that. And yeah, for the nuclear scene, it was damn good, but can somebody really survives from that crash, trapped in the lead refrigerator?

Iron Man

An awesome film. Okay, i’m gonna go short this time. Time is running out.

The effects in the movie wasn’t that bad, compared to Spider-Man of course, but the morality in the movie is a best highlight. How the character, Tony Sparks (Played by Robert Downey Jr.) developed into a responsible man, the Iron Man is what make the movie worthy to see (the development of the character just like the Batman Begins). Not just that, the effects, wait a minute, I just talked about it. What other thing can I point out from this movie? Why is the movie get a higher rating from Rotten Tomatoes? To think back again, Transformers has a good CGI too, but it still get a lower rating than Iron Man. Why is that?

Owh man,  I have nothing to point out anymore. One thing for sure, the movie is great!


An action packed movie that is worthy to watch, especially for those that like gun fighting, bullet-time effects and impossible bullet curve techniques. Yes, the highlight of the movie is the bullet curve method. The shooters, assassins I mean can make the bullet travel into a curve path, not just that it can go into circle path too. Owh, they can snipe you from a ridiculous distance.

The story, originally was a kind of superheroes type of movie. In the comics, the character wears suit when doing their job, but to make the movie look realistic (depsite it unrealistic bullet curve) the director make them wear normal cloth. The story follows the life of Wesley Gibson (played by James McAvoy) from a cubic-space worker under a fat irritating boss to a super assassin, just like his father. He is one of the few people that can increase adrenaline when facing danger and become fully sensitive to surrounding so that everything will go slow and shooting a person is nothing like pulling up your pants (what kind of metaphore is this?). As the story progress, nothing is good enough to be point out to make it better than any assassin type of story.

Anyway, Angelina Jolie is the principal actress of this movie, so most of the cinema was filled with guys. No, I was there because I have nothing to do before the next show that I supposed to watch. What is the show? The next one of course.


A romantic film directed by Khabir Bhatia. My favorite director following his success with his previous movie, Cinta.

This story is seperated into three different parts, each with different characters, but intertwined together that made the whole story complete. The first part is about a guy named, err, I forgot (played by Afdlin Shauki). This is the only part of the movie that the plot is funny and eat me inside. This guy, you see cannot find a perfect match to be his wife, while all of his bestfriends already married. One day, he meet this woman that carry a scent of Camelia (is it?), his favorite one. Then suddenly he fell in love with this woman, typical for a guy that live in the desert (you know what I mean). Surprisingly, this woman is on the verge to get married soon. So he pissed off with his life and decided to make a relationship with this cazy woman played by Nasha Aziz that amired him since college. Eventhough she is a crazy woman, but my God she is so lovely and beautiful. Okayh, I’m off my concious right now. Then as the plot grow, he witnessed an accident that bring us to another part of the story about the accidentee (I know this is wrong but I can’t think of any good name to call). Argh, I’m not gonna tell the whole story.

What made me impress with this movie, as other works from Khabir is the shots of Kuala Lumpur. If you look with your own eyes, you cannot believe how beautiful KL inside the movie. The angle, the mood of the scene is amazing. Not to forget too is the third part of the story, which turn out to be kinda twisted ending (her boyfriend is nothing but an illusion) and that what makes me love the movie.

Sorry tho, no poster for this movie. Hua2.

The Incredible Hulk

One thing I like about this movie is the comeback of Hulk’s angry emotion. I got excited everytime I saw him turning green. I want to be green too.

Edward Norton is the man. He made this movie (I believe he’s one of the writers too) unlike the previous Hulk movie which stars Eric Bana. His emotion toward this story is great. I can feel the cumulated anger in him every time he about to go mad. Tim Roth hunger for power is also another key player to keep this movie goes. The fight between Abomination and Hulk is also fantastic, but the way it ended its not enough. I was kinda disappointed for a while there, two seats away from the screen. The chasing sequence in the movie wasn’t that bad, running here and there, nothing that can made me feel bored (chasing sequence is the good element to make somebody feel suspence).

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

I’m particularly bias actually, since I’m liking a movie because of the director. And yes, Guillermo del Toro is one of my favorite directors. Why I liked his movies is because of his pure imagination of mystic creatures (Pan’s Labyrinth just amazed me). The asthetics look of the creatures and the beginning sequence of the movie is my highlight of the whole movie. At the beginnig, del Toro uses wooden army (CGI of course) to introduce the back story of the story. It’s just amazing, I love it a lot. Then he bring up the underground market scene, which comprises of many weird creatures with each different and unique look. The death angel created by del Toro is just enough to make me feel agitated on the seat.

The fight sequence is awesome. With that big body, Hellboy can move like shit. Overall, the movie is good. With few unsucessful love theme between Liz and Red, and Abe with the Princess Nuala, the movie is one of the best for summer 2008.


A short, not so good movie to watch. The only thing that make this movie good is Will Smith and Charlize Theron. The whole plot of the movie, nothing is good. I mean the theme of the movie is good enough, about how the superhuman felt down by the community, get drunk most of the time and then become helpful after his manager help him to behave. But that’s all thanks to the great performance by Smith. So, no further comment on this movie.

The Dark Knight

I’m gonna make a super-review of this movie later, but not today. It’s the best movie I watched during the summer, and the best yet in my whole movies experience.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Emperor Dragon

Why do I even bothered to watch this movie at first place. The first and second one wasn’t that bad, but this one it’s just sucks. Weak plot and weak effects, this two thing is just enough to make me feel boring with the movie. Actors and actresses were good, feel happy to see Brendan Fraser as Rick O’Connel on the screen again. The humours is good to keep me entertained, but the whole plot, sigh.


Nothing is lame, boring, not good, sucks and all kind of thing that can associate with negative view with Pixar’s movies. Wall-E as expected, the best animation of the year (for me). As the movie is family oriented movie, everything was kept simple and easy to understand. The comedic situation of Wall-E and EVA is fantastic. The question to know why EVA was there on the Earth full of garbage is a good thing to make we continue watching and feel excited. Then we were brought to human situation which at the beginning of the movie, no human can be seen as they have left the Earth due to mass production. Due of high technolgy created by human that make them use less energy to move, every single human on the ship was effing fat. They couldn’t even moved from their seat and get themselves up after falling down from the automobile chair. What a sad situation to look at in the movie, and yes a good point that was made by the writers of the story. Thanks to robots, we humans are becoming lazy.

The animation quality, as other Pixar’s movie, nothing is not great. It is a worth movie to watch again sometime. Even robots can feel love, why not us?

Star Wars: Clone Wars

I was expecting something great from the movie, but I was wrong. I watched a cartoon version few years ago, and the action was so damn cool, but nothing was shown in the movie. A lame plot building, good fighting scene, but overall it’s totally for kids enjoyment. For the Star Wars fans out there, you can use this as one of the collection, but never will it be a favorite one.

Wowh, that was a long post. I almost lost ideas what to write with this so many English words. Yet, I still need to write about The Dark Knight later, but for now this is what I can do to keep my post thread going. Have a good weekend everyone, and chow~

  1. areif said:

    weh…sepi tu ak yg belakon

  2. ariff said:

    yeah anaz buat review lagi!
    tapi ak tak sempat nak usha a few of the movies lagi.. nanti pas exam baru nak usha sume..
    and almost half cerita ni sume dah tgk kat malaysia..
    best siot wayang kat malaysia..

  3. anem said:

    omg banyak gile movie ko tgok! jalousi~

  4. Tim said:

    Nice article… thanks for sharing.. keep it up ^^

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