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Right now, my feeling can be described by this song.

Finished my exam yesterday at 12, get a haircut, clean my room, pack my stuff and ready to go for 3 weeks winter break across Canada. From East to West, here I come Vancouver!

History of the trip

Originally the trip was brought up by Ariff before we ended our summer trip, I remembered it when we were at Langkawi. He said, that students from the US are going to Vancouver this winter, so ask me if I want to join. “Of course I will”. So this is the dilemma. I was originally thought of going to New York for the new year. This was ultimate confirmation actually. But then, I don’t know how this thing was slipped under Izzy’s nose, probably from our wall in Facebook I think. When she knew about this, we were in agreement “okay, let’s see”. At that time too, money to me wasn’t a problem for the trip, until the field trip to Bermuda is on the air.

The Problem

For being a sponsored student, optional field trip is not a requirement, thus I won’t get payed. However, the MR. SA said that he wanted my prof to send an email to him regarding the field trip, what is the benefits especially for petroleum Geologist, bla2. So, my prof did send the email to him, but no reply from him until this day. What kind of SA is that? Buat malu jer. Then I have no other choice, with bank account left around 2000++, I decided to go to the trip, but for that I have to save my money to the extent that I just use the money for my toiletries. That’s all. So I tried to persuade people of not going to Vancouver this winter, instead we hang around Ottawa, Montreal and closer place to mine, but no. Don’t argue¬† with her, you gonna lose. Not lose by word, but by…

Anyway now, I’m in a great debt with Harun, Afiqah and I believe subsequently to my friend in Montreal, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Even right now I have a feeling that my sister will be one of my Ah-long. Aiyyoo. Traveling without money is a pain. I’m gonna vomit blood soon.

The Trip

It will begin tomorrow at 1235, from Halifax to Montreal. Arrive at Montreal the next day at 8 in the morning. Stay there for 2 days, then ready to embark for Edmonton. This time the trip will take about 3 days, on train. I hope it will be fun, it has to be fun! If not I’m gonna start to blame someone. Stay in Edmonton for 3 days, then Rady for Vancouver, one day trip again. Staying at Vancouver for a week I think, then back again to Halifax. During the stay at Vancouver, probably goes to Seattle, teman mak datin shopping dan pengganas yang tak boleh masuk US. All of these, of course will cost money. Why didn’t I think this carefully, idiot me. I heard that the power supply on the train is not reliable for computer charging, so I don’t know how I’m gonna waste my time there, sleep whole day is not my type, ngurat awek pon tak boleh, ngurat ko? Lagi, jangan harap.

During those stays, we are gonna fill every hour we have with fun stuff, and it has already been planned. But, I forgot all of it, haha. However this is my request to them, by hook or crook, I am going to watch this movie, whatever it takes: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttom

This movie hasn’t been out yet, but I can feel it’s beauty from the trailer, from the actor/actress (Brad Pitt man!) and the director (even nominated for golden globe!). So, 10 bucks reserve for this. Played on 25 December, it will be a full house, I’m sure, but we have to fight for it.

So there we go about my future trip. I hope it’s gonna be a blast, I hope…

Jejari Mentega

I am not a good (worst ever) follower of Malaysian Underground Music Scene, or independent, or whatever that is opposite of mainstream. I have to admit that first, before I’ll go at great length talking about my latest obsession, a Malaysian-underground-music-scene-legend: Butterfingers. I know the existence of Butterfingers when I was in standard 5 or 6, I don’t remember, but it was during ntv7 was first introduced in TV. They always played music videos from Hollywood artist, Indian-Hindustan, Chinese and of course Malay songs too. There was few times that they played MVs of Butterfingers and OAG, they sang the English song that time, and kinda unique to my ear. Because of the uniqueness, I don’t really try to notice them, but I just know they exist, until OAG goes mainstream with their malay songs. Yet, Butterfingers never really made themselves into mainstream, or if they did, it must be me that have problem with outside world as I was trapped in the “prison” for 2 years (you know what I mean).

Not going for such length about how best this band is, I just wanna make “review” of what I feel about their particular albums and songs (taknak cakap panjang2 pun, bukan ada orang nak baca). After got almost of their album from unreliable source, I found that their 2004 album is the best piece ever, I believe. It is titled Selamat Tinggal Dunia. The album title suggest that they will leave the music scene forever right? But definitely not, this year they just release a new great album (as usual) Kembali, and one of them is the MV above.

About the Selamat Tinggal Dunia, it is a song from the album that use imagery technique about people on WW2: as a soldier is about on the verge of dying on the battlefield. Apart from that, what I believe STD is one of the solid constructed album is the use of music sampling, Beatles-esque type of music. Each song almost have a bridging tempo of this sampling. Have you ever heard Strawberry Field Forever? That is how the song Cuai faded, turning into the next track, fully composed of samples called as Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda. Haha, even the title of the song is weird, and that is how Butterfingers always work about. Bunyi Butter. Always try to be different, even if it doesn’t make sense. Kabus Ribut also one the sweetest simple song, just like Radiohead style in the early years (Pablo Honey and The Bends kind).

I noticed there is gradual change in their style of music, from the 1.2 Miligrams until Kembali. At first, the voice of Emmet almost sound like Kurt Cobain, no dissimilarities at all. But in Malayneum his voice totally different, even the mood is no longer grungy as usual (there is some). Yet, State of Abyssmal did really make my love to them deeper from before. There are some songs that really push me, such as the famous one, The Chemistry, Royal Jelly, Chrome, Faculties of the mind, and few others. How come they never being exploited internationally, is something that I don’t know. Nowadays, there are new bands emerging in underground that carry the same music as them, but Selamat Tinggal Dunia is something that I look forward in the future for people to beat it. It’s not the songs that make it together, but the album itself. I used to have this feeling when listening to Abbey Road and The Dark Side of The Moon, albums that are well constructed by the best minds. Kalau lirik diorang ada konsep – konsep keagamaan sikit, mesti boleh beat Dewa, kalau producer diorang tahu nak promo diorang betul – betul (do they have a producer?).

Anyway, this is what I feels and think, please don’t get offended or anything if what I’m saying is wrong, or right. If you don’t agree, don’t go wild at me, and if you agree, just go and please yourself with their songs. I’m just a blogger with a power to voice what I feel.

Maybe I can go politics sometimes. Komplen sini sana, kondem sana sini…

Heyh, orang kita.


Sorry for the changing design on this blog, as I am not really satisfied with what I want.

To make things really weird, I create a blogspot yesterday, but decided not to use it as a main platform. Stiil, it gives me a lot of options in changing fonts.

Anyway, good luck for exam everyone!