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Some people think that my taste to the music is weird. Take this one then:

And this one for revolution!

Now. Practice.


Lagu ni dah stuck kat dalam brain aku. Tolon~

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Memang Chip Panas btol.

WARNING: This is such a lengthy post. Skip part that is not important to you. Please read if you have time. If not, scan through all the images, which is not a lot here because most can be found in owner’s Facebook page. This will be crappy post. This will make you bored. Stop giving further warning. Stop it.

The Route

Across Canada

Described in previous post. Read it again. If you haven’t, do read it from last 2 previous post. Got the idea? Continue.


Traveling by train during winter time is not actually a best idea, but it is fun to do it once in your lifetime. These are few challenges that we encountered during the duration of the travel:

  • Unable to take shower for 3 days straight. Not-so-perfect deodorant gave you hard time to breath in slowly while pointing you head down.
  • Effect from the above made your hair oily, smelly and by touching your iTouch will have fingerprints everywhere on the screen.
  • Frustration occur at the last day, when your running out of food or getting tired eating junk food everyday. Lust for fine food will come, desperate running down your vein and later create tension and depression.
  • The car (or cabin) filled with uncool people, families that projected an unfriendly gaze to you and guy that can stop talking telling you everything what he is doing. Sounds familiar? He’s not the guy yu might think. No, he is not.
  • Young people get drunk in the lounge, noisy. Unable to get a comfy place to eat. Tension again.
  • When cool people are there, they will be a like a symbol for hope. You will get carried by them, ultimately desire to be them are there, but you can’t be like them. Same goes for preachers. Don’t understand? Continue reading.
  • Train was delayed. Stranded at the smallest station ever felt. Lesson: call first before going there to know what sh*t is waiting for you.
  • Bag that is bigger that the owner self is always a hard pain in the a**. Decided carefully for what is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Not to forget do limit the weight that you can carry.

The Stops


From Halifax we went down to Montreal. Picked up by Azraf Hipni at the station. Train was late by 2 hours from expected arrivals. At 12 went to Villa-Maria by subway to attend a Melayu Student in Montreal gathering, hosted by Auntie Sabariah, an icon that is known by muslim society in Montreal. A warm lady. Also to her husband, a Quebecois. The purpose of the gathering was to celebrate farewell to Ustaz I-don’t-know-his-name and to Haikel, both are exchanged student from Singapore. Had few talks from the Ustaz about marriage. Solat berjemaah. Ate beriani sotong and some other well-cooked dishes. Stomach was full after 2nd round (niat di hati nak bayar hutang naik ketapi). Got to know few others: Khalis, Haziq, ‘Abg. Faizal’, Maizura, Farah, Farihah, and Indonesian guy-I-forgot-his-name-too (he was obsessed with my Flash Gun).




Next day, Azraf and us went tour around Montreal. Starting from McGill, went to Mount Royal, Schwartz, Masjid, Chinatown, Old Montreal and Notre Dame Church. The tour was fun, but wet and slippery. Late at night we got hungy, but unable to go anywhere because everything had close by 10 P.M. Lazy guys.


On Tueday, ready for the 3 days train journey. Wait for Izyan at the Union Station. She arrived at 540 P.M. Then came the smile from her face, which shattered the promised made 2 week before. Disappointment? We separate for a while after catching a subway to Dundas. Met with Sharazul and others at this house (but not Arif Makdhzir until later). Solat Jama’. Farewell again. Down to Union. Boarded the train. Arrived in Edmonton on 19th Dec.



First thing that has to be done: get a nice shower. Not. Ariff cooked us nasi goreng for breakfast. He served us his sambal belacan rojak made after his own taste. Next few hours after Jumaat prayer, our stomach started to feel bad. For that, our sh*t accidentally made the toilet at the junior’s house broken. Sorry for that guys. Later, toured around U of A by Wan Akmal. Visited the Earth Science Department, the amazing SUB, Eng. Department. On the way we met Kak Sa (full name: Sabiqah) for the first time. Later that night, met with Bebee Chang, also for the first time. Went to Darus (or Darul?) Salamm, a somalian restaurant. Ate until full (but not until the stomach made it call again). Went to Ariff’s place again, and watch Step Brothers (which I fell asleep at the middle of the story).

Next day. Went to West Ed Mall. Unable to buy anything, walked around the mall. Izyan left with others to help close the shops. Owh, before that. Side story:

The plan was to depart from the girl’s apartment by 11 A.M. We received news that they just woke up around that time, by which we, the boys woke up at 830 so that the ‘Janji Melayu’ won’t happen. At 1130 we arrived there, to be hold up by the Princess face powder and ironing. After few discussion, we agree to left the Princess first, giving her more time to perfect up each degrees and inches that can be fill with powder while we march down the road to find a Halal shop. The shop was easy to find, but sightseeing down the road in -26 deg. celcius turned out to be a bad idea. Alhamdulillah, we got the meat. Before all that marching session, Harun did a predicament statement which we will be leaving the apartment not after zuhur, but maghrib. The prediciton was true. Not just that, we able to sit down and eat supper. Splendid.

Next day, Sunday 21st Dec is a big day in Ariff’s apartment. A belated Eiduladha gathering. There meet new faces again: Kak Sakinah and family; Kak Naini and family; Kak Hani and husband; 1st year juniors; 2nd year batch that were left behind; Aimi and Amy (not new, but missed).




The gathering was amazing considering the small (for large group, no offense) house. Again, the Malaysian dishes were the first to disappeared from the table: Nasi Lemak, Roti Jala and Ayam Masak Merah. Again, I ate until full. Hutang again. Puaka Tebing Biru was played on the TV that time. I never thought of such good scary movie from Malaysia. But I still prefer the mystic one. Most guest left around 5 P.M. With Ariff non-stop suggestion to watch Russel Peters, we watch again, but with girls among the viewers. The ultimate ending? Segan gila babi. The rest of the day we just stay home, watching Requiem For A Dream, chat for a while. Bed.

Next day was the big day. Waterpark in West Ed Mall. No pictures were taken there (not suitable for minors). There are about 7 to 10 slides there. We start with advance: the purple slide. At few jump, I felt like flying for a while. Then we test the extreme: the red slide. A free fall. A suicide feeling. After that we never try it again (except Harun and Sulai). At around 4 P.M. we stopped. That was after my head start to fell dizzy. Surprised event happened in the shower. Not going into details here. That evening too, we met Bebee, Aimi and Amy for the last time. Then we headed home, waiting for the rumors of pizza from Kak Sa. She tried her best to treat us pizza, but the plan wasn’t succesful, well you know what went wrong (shops closer). Don’t worry Kak Sa, we try to claim it one day, just kidding. So we cooked again that night. Eating with Zul that has to wait for his cancelled flight back to Vancouver. That night we watched Pinapple Express, again fell asleep at the middle of the story.

Next day 23rd Dec, early in the morning at 6 we went to the Train Station to find out that the train is delayed for 12 hours. We’re about to sacrifice our wallet again to go back to Ariff’s house, but decided to stay there. The station is isolated from any portion of the town. Unable to get out, Izyan started to put on her ‘Greatest Collection’ into play, but fell asleep at a few times. The train arrived at 830 P.M. that night. The lesson that we learn here, is mention in the first portion of this post.

Frustrated with the delay, the frustration was further flamed when the expected time of arrival had been pushed up every hour. From 10 to 11 P.M (24th Dec), it was pushed to 12, then to 2. Finally we arrived at the station at 5 A.M. For the compensation of the delay, we’re offered a free hotel, but have to check out at 2 P.M. Nevermind, as long we get an enjoyable place to clean ourselves.The reason for the delay was: the rail was covered by snow, and the workers which supposed to clear it didn’t want to do it. Thus all the engineers have to do it.




Early in the morning of the Christmas Day, it was surprised that whole Vancouver is covered with thick snow. Being a place in Canada that is rarely snow, they become panic when snow started to grow thick than usual. Buses can’t move further. Certain Skytrain station was closed and got delayed. Surprised too was that Kak Ina and Sud (full name: Muhammad Syafiq) waited for us until 2 A.M. We all feel sorry for them. Sorry again from me. Continue.



Ariff did succesfully arrived in Vancouver, after rumours of flight cancellation has been told. We took a bus to The Village an area in UBC. Due to the thick snow, a bag can’t make it way through the snow. Another lesson told above. Only Pato (full name: Shahrir) at the house, the others went to a gathering and Ariff with the gang went snowboarding at Grouse. After they got back from the party, played rock band for the first time. Getting better actually. If I have more time. There, I met a new faces again: Asma, Reen, and Faiz. Went to Muhsin’s ‘room’ that night. Surprised with the condition, we slept ‘peacefully’ that night.




On the boxing day, all of us decided to watch cinema that night. An ambition that is fulfilled after night of patience. Meet Amira that day for the first time. (corrected). Previous post people. That morning, went down to Granville Island. A fishman wharf I can say. Eat at a seafood shop that afternoon. Since snow was falling heavily that day, we can’t get the most from that place. Another disappoinment. Then we went down to Metrotown. After standing for 45 minutes in the Skytrain, we arrived there beautifully shocked by the people lining up to get out from the shopping complex. Izyan’s amazing skill at shopping was preserved in our memory that day. A new dimension was opened. Buy a gift for gathering next day. Unable to grab the Beatles Diary, I felt a bit frustration despite of how dry my account is. We manage to get out from Metrotown actually, and went to Robson Street, where I then showed my own shopping skills. Bought new sweaters there. At 7 we meet the other at Sala(h)Thai, a Thailand made-up restaurant. Sial mamat botak. At 830 P.M., watch the film, which finished at 12 P.M. A long story, but a nice one I say. Ariff cried. Others were blank. Neither happy nor unhappy. The bus that supposed to take us to The Village couldn’t go there. Instead we caught a cab to go back to Muhsin’s room.




Next day, 27th Dec, we went to Auntie Linda’s house in Coquitlam for makan – makan. It took us 3 hours to go there. I was surprised. But it was a worth trip. I met a new faces. All are cool people, especially the hosts; Auntie Linda and Uncle Rahman. Also not to forget, Auntie Jen and Husband, cool people from Brunei. There, we ate again like hell. Then we played the Yankee Swap aka The Stealing Game. I was fun of how a people that has late number never get a good chance to get a good prize while people at the middle is the lucky one. Auntie Jen’s family are the best stealers. We got home around 12 midnight. Went straight to bed. Semayang dulu lah.

kacak, bergaya, bermutu

kacak, bergaya, bermutu






Rumah Gula2

Rumah Gula2


Next day on 28th, went to downtown Vancouver. Went to the tower, a lookout for the Vancouver City. Then to the Waterfront not far from the Tower. Get a few snaps there. Then to Robson Street. Went to Sala(h)Thai again, this time we were really blacklisted. Helped Ariff sopping his stuff that day. Didn’t really do much. We went home. Jamming session with Zul. Learn how to play Bass that day. Then ready for the big day tomorrow.


On 29th Dec, we all went to Whistler. At Whistler, you rarely found a Canadian to be the workers or instructor and almost 70% of people there are tourist. Imagine me selecting Ski shoes with an Australian guy. Lost in words. All of us went snowboarding except me who went skiing. I am sorry for Ariff that day. Helping to take care of me fell down everytime (haven’t skied for almost a year and half). Then all the hills were closed. Just went down the hill once. What a wasted day, but fun to try ski again. We all left whistler that evening around 7 P.M. Once in Vancouver we all went to eat at Subway, take the Skytrain to Broadway. Then all of us got worried about the number of officer at the station, and thought that there will be a surprised inspection. With few number of bus worked that day. All of us then payed for the bus ride that night. What a funny night. Arrived home. Met with Arif Makhdzir. Finally. Went to Muhsin’s room. Slept.

Our train going back on 30th Dec was at 2030. So we spent that morning toured around UBC. And at 4 P.M. went to BC Sushi downtown. We ate like nothing to lose that evening. Because of special price only at that day and that hour. After that all of us went to the train station. We were an hour early. Since we have to buy an extra day for the trip back. There we were really happy to learn that due to the delay previous day, we all are given a ticket or anything that has the same price as our Canrail Pass. So there will be another train trip next time, but not to west coast again. Probably not.


At 830 P.M. we left Vancouver with feeling of sadness. Surprised with Ariff’s present, I felt really happy that night despite of few unhappy situation on the train. Mentioned above.

Trip Back

Nothing serious happened. Except our train The Ocean was changed to Reinassance. Probably because of derailment earlier that day. The train is high class, but uncomfortable to the neck. The seat was unable to lean. Narrow seat. Small head compartment. Thank goodness there was power outlet. I watch The Dark Knight again. For the 6th time. At Halifax Station. Bought ticket for 1830 bus. Met old friends again. It was a full bus that night.

Next morning. The same old classroom again. The same feeling again. Welcome back to school.

Somthing to ponder…

As I write this post, I feel that it is a feeling of “tak rasa apa – apa ker?” deep in my self conciousness. When I went stalking others blog, I sat down and thoght for a moment, where should I put myself with this agenda? Am I don’t have enough strength as other Muslims out there fighting hard to stand for the Palestinians in the Gaza conflict right now? Well I don’t. And I know that I am wrong for that. So I am urging myself (also to others out there) that to put up our arms too, asking from Allah to help those Palestinians that fighting their way to Paradise against the Zionist of Israel, an evil virus that is condemned to the Hell. I know that many of us have probably received many email for the Doa’s or any ayahs from Qur’an in this campaign to save Gaza. I hope that we can follow those email for the better sake of our future in Akhirat in which we can say that we at least did something when we are ask by Allah S.W.T. Allahuakbar.

Yesterday, supposedly mark the end of the 3 weeks streak of winter break.

It was the best I ever had.

Thanks to everyone that made it awesome.

Laporan bergambar menyusul tak lama lagi.