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Hey, Ariff.

Slumdog menang besar kat Oscar. 8 awards.

Curious Case? Nominated banyak gila,
satu pun tak menang.
Hampeh jer…

Edit: atas kerana ignorant is a bliss. Aku terlepas pandang. đŸ˜›

Kes penuh sangsi menang 3: make-up, art direction, and visual effect.

Minta maaf…apa2 hal pun nak emphasize gak, despite banyak sangat nomination, Curious Case kurang standard (kecuali Ariff).


It seems that it is a good time to update this underrated blog. My idea of writing is somehow gone for the past few weeks. I have so many stuff to tell here, but for the lack of enthusiasm I decided not to.

By the way, Jeremy Kozlowski found my blog the other day. Man. Nak cakap BM pun dia faham. Aiseyh…

Notice the new theme for my blog? I love it now. I hope that it can stay for a longer period than before.

My habit of writing movie reviews has found no progress recently. It’s not because I didn’t watch any movies lately, I did but for no reason, I couldn’t write about them like usual. Maybe because what I discovered was my writing in critics compared to the other “real” critics is not even on-par. Probably that is because they are professionals. What am I thinking? Here we go again, feeling uneasy for being at the bottom.

The reason why I can’t keep updating my blog is due to my tight schedule, not that tight really but the feeling to procrastinate in between my break from heavy-hardcore-study was unavailable for most of the time. But that’s not true, instead I went searching for pictures, music, wallpaper, iPod’s software, and such other stuff. That’s how the cycle was.

Since this week is the Reading / Spring Break Week, I decided to give some touch for my blog as to keep it alive and “fresh”. Haris Khairuddin ada bagi tag kat aku, tapi kemalasan aku menyahut dan kata “taknak buat”.

Lets go with the movies first.

Dated back from January: (I couldn’t remember much of them, but pick few that was interesting)

Definitely, Maybe


The movie that is starred by Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz was a crazy moment of movie experience (well observed) so far in my life. The story is interesting as it tried to create a puzzle for us and Maya (Breslin) to find which is the real mother (to her). But the story line that is constructed by Will (Reynolds) is at first was some kind of string attached to linear pieces that is supposed to be solved by Maya, but as the story progress none of the story / plot was a mechanism that can work as a puzzle. So the story was to begin with is a love story that is complicated and intertwined in sense of emotion. But in a delicate way of story telling, the plot is not heavy for audience to understand the problem of Will Hayes and his love life. To keep it short, the overall movie was simple, nice and cute. There is a moment in the story that put my life out of balance (suddenly snapped, kinda like jerkish motion) – the word “crush”.

Slumdog Millionaire


Takyah cakap arr movie ni. Ramai orang puji2. Aku pun nak puji. Tapi kalau nak elaborate cerita ni dan mesej dia bla2, aku tak layak. Yang penting, best.

Kami The Movie


Sequel dan penjelasan kepada apa yang terjadi selepas episod 8 drama bersiri Kami di 8TV. Cerita ini (for my opinion) bagus dari segi lakonan watak dan interconnecting story line between each character. Untuk tidak buang masa, naratif cerita ni berkembang dengan lancar tanpa sebarang gangguan rasa buang masa frame kamera itu bergerak atau statik dengan pergerakan karakter yang macam nak taknak dan kekurangan dialog atau terlebih dialog, cerita ni mempunyai warna dia yang tersendiri kepada muda – mudi zaman sekarang. Bagi aku apa yang buat cerita ni jadi best adalah penggunaan music yang sekaligus menjadikan seluruh jalan cerita dalam filem ini tidak sugul. Entah apa ayat aku pakai pun aku tak tahu. Tapi macam ada sedikit klise especially about people die and then you have to move on…


Sekali lagi sebuah cerita yang ada warna tersendiri kepada penonton. Sorry to say, I feel this movie has its own touch is from the acting of all the cast. Apa nama dia? Aku dah lupa, M. Subash? He that works both as the director and main actor had made such a good OKU (disable person) impersonation. Not to forget also Ruminah Sidek yang memang sentiasa mencuit hati walaupun karakter dia didirikan untuk tujuan mengungkit kesedihan. For the plot development or progress, there are few time that I felt boring especially for the part that his mother wouldn’t even careless for him. It was somehow kinda typical step mother characteristics that has always been in a movie. At the end of the movie, it was said that without will to fight there is no success (somekind like that, I just make it up here LOL) while we the audience never really find out what happen to Subash after that. Maybe I’m just to dumb to get the whole message.


Banyak pulak cerita Melayu aku tengok lately and Wayang is the latest of them. I watch this movie while marking assignments. So as to make it up here, I found no object of peculiarity in the whole story / plot. Its message for my understanding is that the character that was played by Eman Manan called Awang Lah tried to fight for continuity of his tradition in playing Wayang Kulit, in a sense that the orthodox tradition can never be broken my modern culture. In the story he raised 2 children, a girl and a boy that was selected as his successor in the future. There was an event where the boy (played by Zul Khuzaimi, did I spell it right?) introduced some pop song in the play, which caused anger to Awang Lah for disobey the rule of Wayang Kulit. For some period of time the anger gone but it is always replaced with some other sentiment in Malay culture. Some of them were a hatred for jealousy over someone’s success, jealousy for the beauty that a blind people can have and a love that was no context of lust at all but despised by everyone. Envy, Jealousy, Anger, Reunion, and Death is what the story depict for the whole course of its running period. How long was it? I forgot.

Il Divo


An Italian story about the Prime Minister of Italy (not currently) Gullio Andrreotti. It is one of the film that I fell asleep despite that the whole movie was so good and entertaining. Waht I think was good about the movie is the character itself, the cinematography and editing of each framework plus amazing song that was used to carry the plot in motion. However, being a movie that won Jury Prize in Cannes 2008, the movie contained so many charecter and political terms (and figures) that can cause a little bit of confusion, and since I have to watch it with subtitle it wasn’t really helpful since a there are few scenes in the movie that went really fast. I think that I have to watch it again for second time. The movie has a good foundation in its character development regarding his past life that seems to affect his political career. In the movie he is allegedly has a connection with the Italian mafia especially with the legendary Toto’ Riina. But for the purpose of ambiguity and unbias to the protagonist of the film, we can never really identify wether the accusation was true or not since the confident and calmness of the character can never assure you his motive. You gotta watch this movie to understand more what am I rambling about.

Three Monkeys

The movie that won Best Director Award at Cannes 2008. Have any idea what kind of movie I watch lately?

This Turkish film amazed me by its slowness, static camera with few dialogue and not to forget an “unsuccessful” sex scene from a movie that was produced from Islamic Country (secular, I believe?). The story was so slow that I was getting uneasy watching it. But again despite of that the progress of the story was good and smooth with characters that is filled in for purpose of the whole story (read: three monkeys), which in the end you will say it “I knew that he is the one who did it”.



Directed by Clint Eastwood and written by J. Michael Straczynski. When I heard that name I just went straight without any doubt that the movie gonna be good. But why does it have an moderate score at RottenTomatoes? Probably from the fact that the movie is too conventional in pleasing the audience with the theme that it evoked throughout the movie. You can get much more information here. For me the movie wasn’t that bad, thinking back again. It entertained me as much with the fight that the character has to deal with and corruption that has been going on with the LAPD force (during the 20’s). The gruesome and maniacal killer in the movie also never ceased to amazed me, and the open ending with the word “hope” uttered by Angelina Jolie that left us neither happy nor sad when the creadit started to roll.

At the End of Time…

There are few other movies that I watched recently, but I intend not to tell more about them here. This include In Bruges, Back to the Future (1-3), Love Actually (another film that push me further), and Liar Liar (a good old one).

I’ve been studying for the past few days actually, however I just realized that I didn’t actually study. Instead what I did was looking and memorizing the whole PPT just as it was a picture.

By the way, the title of the post was at first seems to be a reference to the music of Animal Collective, which was the original plan / blueprint for this post. I’ll do it some other time.

Have a good one.

Note: All Movie Posters are from

This post had been delayed for quite a period right now, well not long that you can consider it to be ages, but it seems so to me. I planned to right something horny and corny (also kronik) but the delayed was probably caused by the feeling that always mixed up when I started thinking of how my life leeds me to this level up until now. How it seems so fast that suddenly I’ll be at my 22th anniversary of the day which I was born, how University come to its end, how death was so close to my face without noticing it and how regretful I’ll be when I sink deep enough in the soil.

Every time I sat in front of my computer, in front this particular page, I can feel how this blog craving for something that is powerful, something not in the mainstream scene. Even when writing this blog, I can imagine how I’m crawling from abyss of failure, try to reach the edge of the hope, the plain of success, the peak of joy – the landscape of happiness.

…why am I writing like this? Must be the effect of the background music (Beach House: Gila). Dream Pop makes you nut!

How can I define my life right now as big and significant to the world? How can I make my life, myself as a smallest man but has the same meaning as oolite does? Why am I talking about Carbonates now? Why so many questions?

Why haven’t I watched the new Heroes? Why? Why don’t I watched movies lately? Why do I listen to Animal Collective?

Enough with the questions.

Okay, let’s go back to mainstream scene. No more indie project. Why indie? Kenapa indie band macam macho? Sebab musik dia best? Atau lain dari yang lain? Kenapa takda indie asli? Indie keroncong? Indie dangdut? Aku rasa dangdut adalah one of the branches of Euro-Techno genre, but made from Minang Scene. So, kita boleh label dangdut sebagai Indo-Techno / Rave.

Underground music scene: Sheila Majid.

This feeling: when was the last time I have this disorder? It seems a long time ago. It was a nice memory. It can be consider as passion. What is this feeling? Everything is not going on the right lane anymore, there is something that need to be done, something that is need to be filled. This emptiness, loneliness, ngada2-ness, buag-tebiat-ness has to be filled with something that is pure, something that is burning with passion (again), something something.

Dream Pop really kills me.

The last time I have this disease (demam ?), I had to ask myself, is it worth it? Is it going  to work forever? Have I really thought about this deeply? Will there be any regrets? What happen when it is over? Where can I find a replacement? Or, where can I find a shelter that can keep me from having the disease over and over again, overlapping each other (younging direction: upward). What happen when the sediment (facies/faces) overturned in the future? How are you going to confront the disease again, in a new form – diagenetic – product?

Now, where can I listen to Iggy Pop.

I still remember the feeling of being in the best day ever in my whole life (Background music: The Great Gig In The Sky). It was the day (don’t be surprised!) that my Arwah nenek dikebumikan. Its not the joy of being there (Astaghfirullah-al-Adzim, jangan fikir bukan2), but the bkue sky that was so clear, unlike any other day in KL which is always hazy. On that day, everything seemed calm, there was few clouds in the sky, the KL Tower was standing there spectacularly in the background, it wasn’t hot nor cold – it’s just perfect. That day, even the nature stopped working, kinda like a silent for her passing. A life was taken that day, but  somewhere in a far corner of the world, a soul must have been born that was greeted by the perfect day. My grandma funeral process was perfect, may her soul rest within the group of orang – orang yang bertaqwa.

I should go to bed.

Avant-grade music blocks your mind.