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Tak tahu nama lagi...

copied this picture from my sis’s website.

I wanna go home this summer, to meet this new lovely baby (the 9th).



Musim bunga semakin hampir. Tak lama lagi sekolah pun dah nak habis. Tamat sudah pengajian tahun 3. Ada lagi 3 minggu jer. Tapi aku masih ada matlamat belm tercapai lagi. Aku taknak sekolah berakhir macam tu sahaja. Akan aku laksanakan matlamat itu.

It seems that this blog will go on hiatus for the next few weeks, because: 2 presentations are coming and I ahven’t do anything about it yet; final exam is approaching; another paper for Hydrogeology is coming and it will be tough; financial crisis put me into deep solemn; reading comics; watching movies etc2.

I think that it is written this way, I won’t be working this summer. Instead I’m gonna sit in my room, enjoying my days while learning Spanish (that’s the plan). If any alst minute call come in, I won’t hesitate to take it. Money is crucial right now, but taking care of myself is more important.

Sorry for not updating this blog in quite a period (this is a reply to Reen). Busy gila, paper, assignment, masalah negara, tgk TV shows, macam2 lagi lah. In other words, malas sebenarnya. It is really hard actually I think, been confined to this place from other friends, have to be busy with school works, all of these made me feel sick with my own life sometimes. I feel tired with this life, I need to go somewhere to entertain myself. Nak online YM pun malas, MSN apatah lagi. Facebook pun sebab taktau nak pergi mana lagi kat internet ni. Bukak web lucah pun bosan, download movie bosan, download music bosan. Semua bosan.

Now, I want to talk about random thing. Here we go guys.


girltalkPlease do check out this guy. His real name is Gregg Gillis, stage name is Girl Talk. I believe, that he is right now the best mash-up DJ I ever found (I remember during my Maktab time, always put up mash-up song in late saturday night). I like some other mash-up remixes DJs out there such as Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, and few other that I feel lazy to say it here. But GT is amazing. Not just did he mash-up different song, but it is totally different. In his album (Night Ripper, Feed the Animals) I found different buch of songs that I like which is always appear on the charts. He mixed them all up in one album with good beat from the beginning until the end of the album. It’s like a pool of cool songs that keep me up moving myself everytime I listen to it (warning: unsuitable to listen during sleep time). Highly recommended. To read more about him, wikipedia is the best place.


Los dan Faun best. Haha. Tu jer. Nothing is new. Serious.

TV shows

30 Rock ROCKS! The best episode I’ve watch so far: “Succession”. The most brilliant story line ever and background music that push the bounadry of comedic series. But I still like Scrubs because it’s the first comedic tv shows I’ve ever enjoyed.


I’ve found out that geology is scary. What a revelation!


This is something which is totally random. I want to put this as the “25 random things about me” on Facebook, but again lazy-lah! This might be a post that gonna be so straight. Straight as a gay.

I did went to school wearing short pants when I was 6 years-old. I never went to kindergarten, since my dad was the principal of SRKSB, I can enroll in standard one at 6 years old. I wore short pants, probably for a week or less, then I requested my parents to buy me long pants, because no one was wearing them that time. I felt shy you know. I was given a chance to go to standard two after that, but I refused. So I basically took darjah 1 two times, which then I met Amir Muhsin, my dear friend up until now.

I went to Sekolah Agama until standard 3, then I quit without really noticing it (I quit just like that, maybe my parents did something for that). Prior to the quitting, I didn’t go to school because of; 1) Dash Yankuro and 2) Citer P. Ramlee. Because of those, I skipped the school and finally quit. Think back again, I don’t really remember learning something there, except of writing in jawi, main gasing, kuda tempang, keter Tamiya, disturbing girls (I remember doing that stuff) and such other kids stuff.

I was the most lazy kid in the primary school (even in secondary too), I think. I never did any homework, and never do it properly (I just remember this becuase today, I realized I did it again: I forgot to do my hydro assignment). It was my Kaklong that checked my school work every day and reported it to my dad. I never really packed my bag before going to school, lacking in class. Banyak lah benda negatif yang lain. However, I was selected as prefect until standard 6m probably from my dad reputation. Despite of that, I still remember myself being a slackoff. I was pratically worst in every subject, except English. That was the only thing I was strong with. Everyone respect me because of that. Haha. Bangga, macam gampang. Nak bangga lagi; I don’t really need to study hard for it, I always good at it. Math was my worst, and I hate the math teachers (eventhough I forgot their names).

For that, I was given intensive personal teaching from Mr. Nasir. I’ll always remember his name. Because of him, I becoming good at math. Not to forget too Mr. Rosyam, my BM teacher that is so good at teaching us (I still got B for Pemahaman, sucks). I also went to tuition (tusyen) at night with Cikgu… I forgot their name… They are the teacher that also crucial in my primary education. One was Science teacher, the other is English teacher. They live so close to my house, but then they moved. I hope I can meet them again later.

I never get any number below 10, seriously (the lower the better). I think the lowest one that I ever got was numer 13, or 11. Somewhere around that. To make it worst, my best friend was the Best Student of the school. What a cruel life. For that, no one im my family ever thought I am gonna get 4 As for my UPSR, my mom expected at least 1. Take it back, cruel life ended at that period, but came again after few periods. Yet, my life still becoming better in each period after  few downfalls.

Beside Amir, I did have few childhood friends that  I still remember them hard in my mind. In 2005, we did a reunion to gather back everyone from the class. But only few can be found, and those that could’t be contacted are the close one. Rasyadan also called my “kembar” was in Perak, so he couldn’t come. Shukri, some say he’s around but he wasn’t there. Salleh was with me until form 3, so I remember him well. Fakhrul, a very close frimd during standard 6, was nowhere to be found (lost his number), not even a news. But then I remember “him”, which was totally out of news.

I remember about his background, which I recently remembered since I’m in Canada. His mother was a Canadian and his father was a Malay guy. I think that his mother is a French-Canadian, based on her appearances one day at the school: brunette, tall, white-skin and blue eyes. Her sister name was Anastasia. Eventhough their mother was Canadian, both of them was nowhere near mat saleh look. He was known among us as the most “otak lucah”, yeah just like Harun, but was weirder because he did it at young age. He always go to Canada during holiday, met his grandparents perhaps. At age 12, he already start developing grown up man features (to us at that time). One thing was so cool about him, he is so good in drawing. He, me and Amir always try to create comic books out of our note book. But his was always better in drawing and storyline. There are some other childish stuff that we did together and fun, but I don’t really have the time to say it here. Owh, one thing. Since he has the Canadian blood, he is the other student that is so good in English. He was natural. And since I am one of his best friends, the teacher always questioning me why my English cannot improve? Okayh, I admit my english was suck, but better than most students.

With that, I wonder wher he is right now? Is he in Canada, or still in country? Maybe I should try to look for him one day, go to his nenek house (his uncle is Azman Adnan, goal keeper Selangor tuu), ask for him.

Why all the childhood remisnisce? Look below.


Read 20th Century Boys. Then you may know why.

There’s gonna be more random things coming up. Relationship is one of the best too. Until then, chow cincau~