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Giler lah blog ni. Tahap kemalasan nak update tu satu percintaan yang tak berkesudahan. Sampai esok pun masih¬†‘macam’ tu jer.

Today is Thursday, yesterday was Wednesday. Everyone knows that, duh. I woke up this morning and went to the gym to have a squash with my friend, probably the last time I can see him since he is graduating this year. Last night I went swimming, and to my oblivion, I can float! Haha, now I am so excited about the trip to Bermuda, which will be this Saturday. My butt and hand are sore right now, probably of not doing any warm up before the swim and badminton game last night. I cannot even lift any weight right now. Damn.

So I won’t be here next week, and will be back here in May 9th, starting my spring course in May 12th. Yet I still need to work on my culinary so I can have variation in my meal everyday. Ni tak, hari2 kicap, telur, nasi and ikan masin. Ikan masin tu buat sedap jer, tapi takder pun. Kentut pun dah bau kicap. Tensen.

So far my result is Alhamdulillah. But still waiting for some more, and it will be terrible I can guarantee it to you. 

Takda apa nak cerita pun kat sini. Movie pun takda mood nak buat review. Daily life, takda apa yang menarik. Sapa lagi yang singgah sini baca blog malas nie?



tempat cari rezeki...

Instead of rising our living allowance,

derang naikkan limit CGPA.

Kalau explain this to my grandma, sampai lusa pun dia tak faham.

Terus maju PETRONAS dan Malaysia.

p/s: this is not a joke.