Things that made me smile :)

It has been almost one month since the last post, and almost 3 weeks since my spring course started. Yup that’s right people I can speak a little bit of Spanish right now, but not really fluent of course. Just few words that has been taught in the class.

Back to the title of this post, I just wanna share few things that has been happening lately. Starting with my Bermuda field trip, friends Graduation day, my birthday party (small party), summer blockbuster movies, and music.


The trip in overall was awesome. Despite of some “motion problems” on the boat, but overall, I did my best to make the trip enjoyable. Let me summarize what we did for the marvelous week:

  • In Saturday the day we arrived, we checked in the Bermuda Institue of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) with empty stomach they only served us sandwich and few chips plus cookies. what the hell right? but yet we still got a good supper / dinner that evening after we got back from St. Georges, a nearby “old” town close to the BIOS station.
  • The next day was the day we start snorkeling, but not from the dive boat in the middle of the ocean, instead we snorkel close to the ocean, at a place call Whalebone Bay. That day wasn’t really good for me because of the foggy mask thus I can’t see anything underneath. Then I learned that our spit is the best solution to the problem. The thicker your spit is, the better. After the snorkel, we headed back to the station and look underneath microscope the sediment sample that was collected at the ocean floor of the bay. After the lab process, at night we have short lecture about what we learn and what we will see tomorrow. This schedule is continuous for the rest of the week.
  • Then come the worst day of my life. With a strong arrogant, I didn’t take the motion sickness pills before the trip, and the result? Guess for yourself. With the dive boat, we went to few places near the east of the island to do some snorkel and diving. The water was cold and freezing, and the wave was intense. Since I’m not a good swimmer, it was so hard for me to go across. Furthermore, there was this stupid jellyfish that is call Portuguese Man of War that is deadly, so what we have to do was swim around it try not to get sting. This is where the motion problem came in: I took of my snorkel (the breathing tube) to catch some good breath, and wham! the wave hit my face reall hard and I swallowed mouthful of seawater. Then I start to feel uneasy. Once I got on the boat, I couldn’t hold it anymore…
  • For the following days, I took precautious step to eat the pills before every trip on the boat.
  • On Thursday, we were allowed to wander in Hamilton, capital of Bermuda. So Harold, our Bermudian friend took us to few beautiful spots in the island, and take a ferry back to Hamilton. It was a best thing that I did in Bermuda (not the lab thing, darn prof).
  • One thing that I don;t like about the trip was changing time. He (our prof) said the night before that we depart at 9 a.m, but then he change again the nex morning 15 minutes earlier. Every single f**king day, and that really didn’t make me happy. I have to do a bussiness after every breakfast, but he disrupted my mood every day. I felt really pissed that day when he really change the time on the spot that morning after I carefully plan my time. Idiot.
  • Most things in Bermuda are crazy expensive, and the food is hell expensive than the clothes.
  • The best moment of my snorkeling experience: a sea turtle sitting in the middle of two pinnacle reef looking at us with its cute face.

Birthday Party

Since my birthday fell on Friday, my friends, all Asians (duh) decided to throw a BBQ party and anticipated surprise birthday cake. It was nice of them to do that, and I was really happy that day despite we have wait every five minutes for it to be served.

Summer Movies

I watch three movies so far, and I don’t know if I can watch more (but Transfomers 2 is in the compulsory list – I’m gonna be in Ottawa that day, so careful Ottawa people) since the theater is far and the taxi cost is not cheap.

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

I was excited by my friend that keep saying the movie is awesome and yada-yada. But what the hell, it wasn’t the great that I anticipated. The movie compared to The Da Vinci Code has less puzzle to be solved and somewhat straight forward to me. I just don’t feel any kind of emotion arousal in the cinema aside of the air conditioner in that place. The movie does have moral that we can see and interpret easily unlike Star Trek, but yet the pace and the story blend wasn’t feel right for me. I can’t comment more on this but the movie is okay but not that good.

Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation

The movie has good cinematic movement and great special effect with human expression of apocalyptic future, but no dramatic moment that can intertwined the whole movie. Christian Bale has a less cinematic appearance (I think) than Sam Worthington, but anyway I can say that the movie is good because of them. The pace of the movie is good, I felt enjoy by the action sequence, but at the end I felt empty again just like watching A&D (above) and depressed by the feeling that there’s gonna be another terminator movie to explain why the hell Arnold’s 3D recreation is evil, not good.

Star Trek

Star Trek

Nuff said, I have been waiting this movie since January this year, and the anticipation is worthy. This movie is so awesome (despite of empty philosophical meaning unlike The Wrath of Khan) that the whole pace, the comic relief situation and the characters are well blend together with the special effects that really open up the whole Star Trek Universe again to the new modern audience. This movie is enough to fill the “emptiness” of my summer movies (plus Transformers 2 perhaps).

Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown

21st Century Breakdown

This album contain the same sound and political / rebel lyrics as the previous American Idiot. I felt down at first, but after few perticular songs, I have to admit that the album made me smile for a day. Particular best tracks : Viva La Gloria, Before The Lobotomy, Last Night on Earth, 21 Guns, and American Eulogy.

Thats all folks for now.


All posters from IMPA Awards.

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  1. Farisa said:

    mana new updates!! trip bermuda tu jeles seyh. kalau saye pegi pon, dah habes muntah2. tp part jellyfish tu sgt menyusahkan wey. grrrr!

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