Aku semakin pupus

Post ini tiada kaitan dengan lagu “Pupus” nyanyian Dewa. Post ini adalah bertujuan mengisi masa lapang dengan mengemaskini atau in English people say updating.

In Ottawa, I have short supply of money thanks to the self convincing method of not working despite of 2 months freedom. Beginning of 31st July, I’ll be traveling across eastern Canada and down to New York. The plan was devise by Ariff Shazwan, a man that had a dream of traveling across Canada by train during summer, but the plan failed as it cost lot of money and time. Yet, me, the writer had done it in winter and set a record as the first Malaysian students (well, I wasn’t alone) in Canada that ever did it (I assume – masuk bakul angkat sendiri).

About the traveling that will be coming is less than a month, I am afraid of two things for this trip. One, monthly living allowance that I received won’t be enough for the trip and two, the pandemic H1N1 flu.  The whole traveling cost I believe will consume all my living allowance and in the end I wont have enough money to keep me survive, especially for the research project in late August.

For the pandemic case, most of my friends have convince me that chance won’t come again for a short period. I know what I’ll be doing will create “anger” in an unforeseeable future, but for conclusion, I’m going to New York this August. I hope that Allah will protect me from whatsoever danger and virus upon us.

Next, I would like to talk about Death, the pattern of death.

Sounds heavy isn’t it? I am not a good thinker in this topic nor do I have any idea what the hell am I talking about. But I couldn’t imagine how a friend of mine, once was a healthy cherish girl now has gone after few years of suffering. I haven’t met her for 7 years (I’m 22 now, it’s been a while), and the next news I heard about her last year was that she is sick. I don’t know what kind of cancer that she has, but she has undergone treatment over treatment to cure the cancer, and it did work. However in the end, she suffered again somehow and I don’t know what is the reason.

The shocking news came after my friend, which I haven’t chat for almost a year talk to me about this matter. We were chatting early in the morning about her, and after 6 hours later the news came in that she was no longer with us. That was a second time after my grandma’s death that I felt such feeling of not knowing what to do, what to say, and what to think other than sadness and confusion. Damn!

May Allah bless her soul and live in peace with other taqwa people.

This is how life is, everything come and go. We on the other hand has to continue living all the way until our time comes.

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  1. Farisa said:

    OH TIDAKKK, saye pon no money lahh! hehehe. saving saving

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